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1.5 T/h Wood Sawdust and Bamboo Pellet Construction Project

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1. Project Overview

1.5 T/h Wood Sawdust and Bamboo Pellet Construction Project
1.5 T/h Wood Sawdust and Bamboo Pellet Construction Project

2. Project Content

The total investment of the project is 2 million RMB, and the construction scale is a construction project with an annual output of 5,000 tons of environmentally friendly biomass particles. According to the production scale of environmentally friendly biomass fuels, the project will use existing plants to purchase one environmentally friendly biomass pellet production line. The main construction content is shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of project construction content

Project composition scale Remarks
structural work  
Granulation room
The building area is 150m2, and
one set of wood pellet machine is used for granulation.
1F, brick-concrete structure (using
existing workshop)
Drying room
The building area is 100m2, and the hot blast stove supplies heat to the drying cylinder to dry materials.  
1F, brick-concrete structure (using existing workshop)
Shattering Room
The building area is 100m2, and one set of crusher is used for crushing raw materials. 1F, brick-concrete structure (using existing workshop)
Auxiliary engineering Raw materials warehouse The building area is 800m2, used for bulk raw materials storage. 1F, brick-concrete structure
product warehouse
The building area is 450m2, and the finished products are stored in bags.  
1F, brick-concrete structure
Power distribution room 64m2 1F, brick-concrete structure
Weighbridge 50m2 Brick structure
Environmental Engineering  
Wastewater treatment
Domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and used for plant greening and surrounding vegetable fields to fertilize  
1 septic tank of 10m3
Waste gas treatment
Bag dust collector + 15m high exhaust pipe  
1 set
Solid waste treatment Hazardous waste temporary storage room 1, 10m2
Public works  
powered by
The power supply for this project is provided by the main trunk network of Huxingshan Community, Xinqiaohe Town, and the power distribution room in the plant is provided to various power-using sites
Water supply The project uses the original water supply system and municipal water supply
Drainage is a rain and sewage diversion system. The rainwater is collected by the rainwater pipe network in the project area and then discharged into the capital water; the domestic sewage is treated in the septic tank and used for the
greening of the plant and the fertilization of the surrounding vegetable fields.
Heating Heating by 1t/h biomass-fired hot blast stove

3. General Layout

From the perspective of the layout, the project has reasonably divided the workshops according to the production process and site conditions; the main construction content of the project is the raw material warehouse, the crushing room, the drying room, the pelletizing room, the finished product warehouse, etc. The raw material warehouse is located in the factory area On the west side, the finished product warehouse is located on the east side of the factory. The entrances of all warehouses are close to the access roads to facilitate material transportation. The crushing room, drying room, and granulating room are located on the south side of the raw material warehouse, near the south of the factory area, and the surrounding walls of the factory area are blocked. The project plant area implements fully enclosed production, and the project does not use the original smelter waste gas disposal measures.

4. See Table 1-2 for main equipment and facilities

Table 1-2 List of main equipment and facilities of the project

Serial number Device name Quantity unit
1 Belt 1 station
2 grinder 1 set
3 Discharge belt 1 set
4 Feeding belt conveyor 1 set
5 High efficiency crusher 1 set
6 High-speed auger 1 set
7 Hoist 1 set
8 Storage bin 1 set
9 Conveyor 1 set
10 wood pellet machine 1 set
11 Box belt 1 set
12 Finished box belt 1 station
13 Finished silo 1 station
14 Hot stove 1 set
15 Bag filter 1 station

5. The consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials is shown in Table 1-3:

Table 1-3 List of raw and auxiliary materials consumption of this project

Serial number Main raw materials Annual usage Maximum storage capacity Storage and transportation methods
wood, sawdust, wood chips, wood scraps,
6250 tons
1000 tons
Stacking, car

6. Product Plan of Wood Pellet Production Line Project

After the completion of the project, it will be a construction project with an annual output of 5,000 tons of environmentally-friendly wood sawdust pellets, and a 1.5 t/h wood sawdust and bamboo pellets construction project.

7. Labor Quota and Work System

The project has a labor force of 8 people, working 8 hours a day, no food and lodging in the factory, no production at night, all year round

8. Process Flow of Wood Sawdust, Bamboo Chip Biomass Pellet Production Project

Brief description of process flow:

A. Screening

After the main raw materials needed for production are brought into the factory by automobiles, the raw materials that need to be crushed are manually screened to remove impurities (plastics mixed in the raw materials). The main pollutants are solid waste and dust.

B. Crush

Since the purchased wood chips contain large-diameter raw materials such as bamboo chips, they need to be crushed to avoid affecting the normal operation of the subsequent pelletizing process. The crushing process of the project is a closed operation, and a bag filter is used for dust control. The main pollutants are noise and dust.

C. drying

After the raw materials are crushed, they are conveyed by the belt to the drying cylinder for drying. The drying heat source is provided by the biomass-fired hot blast stove. The hot blast stove of this project is a direct hot blast stove (the biomass-fired hot gas directly contacts the material for heating). The moisture content is about 20-30%, and the moisture content can be reduced to below 15% after drying.

The main pollutants are hot blast stove exhaust gas, dust and noise. Both the biomass-burning flue gas and the dust produced by the hot blast stove enter a set of dust removal device for processing.

D. Pellet Machine

The dried material is conveyed by the belt into the granulator for Pellet Machine. The temperature inside the wood pellet machine is controlled at 110~at 120°C, the raw materials are pressed into pellets; the pelletizing process uses electric heating. The main pollutants are dust and noise.

wood pellet machine
wood pellet machine

E. Packaging and storage

After the pellets are cooled naturally, the bag is put into the warehouse.

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