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Quote for a Line Canable to Produce 1t/h Wood Pellets

Date: 03/23/2021 09:30:45 From: Clicks:

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I need a quote for a line capable to produce 1T/h wood pellets.

The chipper has to be included as well.

I look forward to hear from you.

With kind regards. "

Richi Machinery Engineer Li Answered:

Dear Sir or Madam

Hello, a complete wood pellet production line equipment includes wood chippers, wood shredder crushers, wood drum dryers, wood pelletizers, screening systems, coolers, packing systems, dust removal systems, etc. However, if the raw material is sawdust, there is no need to slice and crush. If the customer wants to budget insufficiently, the cooler can be replaced by a fan. With different output and budget, we can design different production line configurations for you.

complete wood pellet production line
complete wood pellet production line

How to make wood pellets?

(1) Raw material receiving and cleaning

After the main raw materials needed for production are brought into the factory by the car, the raw materials that need to be crushed are removed by the primary cleaning screen to remove impurities and magnetic separators to remove iron impurities. The main pollutants are removed impurities and equipment noise.

(2) Crushing section

The project's raw and auxiliary materials, corn, wheat bran, cotton meal, etc., will be crushed by a crusher after cleaning and removing impurities. The main pollutants in the crushing process are dust and equipment noise. The crushing is carried out in a closed crusher, and the dust is discharged after being processed by a pulse dust collector; the crushing equipment is equipped with a shock-absorbing foundation and a muffler.

(3) Ingredients and mixing section

According to the requirements of the formula, various raw materials participating in the ingredients are measured and weighed into the mixer in turn. The mixing process is carried out in a closed mixer, and the main pollutant is the noise of the mixing equipment.

(4) Superfine grinding section

Because the finer the particles, the larger the surface area, and the larger the contact area of ​​the digestive juice of fish and pigs, which improves the digestibility of feed and increases its nutritional reward.

(5) Secondary mixing section

The superfinely pulverized raw materials are mixed again. The mixing process is carried out in a closed mixer, and the main pollutant is the noise of the mixing equipment.

(6) Puffing and drying section

The raw and auxiliary materials after the secondary mixing are expanded and dried, and are put into the dryer for drying treatment. After drying, the moisture content of the material is about 2%.

(7) Spraying and cooling section

The spraying process of this project is a quenching and tempering process. The materials to be mixed are tempered into powdered feed with certain moisture and humidity, which is beneficial to pelletizing. After the process is completed, the materials are sent to the cooler for cooling treatment.

(8) Pellet packing section

Packed into warehouse, stored for sale.


Investment Reference for 1t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

NO. Production Scale Raw Materials Production cycle Installation cycle Investment Cost(USD) Profit Cycle
1 1-1.2 T/H Biomass Pellet Production Line wood, sawdust, straw, rice husk, fruit husk
pomace, fiber, waste paper, alfalfa, hay
grass and any organics raw materials
40-50 Days 20-40 Days 30000-160000 1-5 year

Iceland 1 t/h wood pellet plant Production Line

The customer's main raw material is wood sawdust, and he wants to make 6 mm wood pellets. We have customized solutions for customers. In this complete wood pellet production line, we provide the following host equipment:

1. Cleaing equipment, such as vibrating screen ;

2. Conveyor equipment, such as belt conveyor and bucket elevator ;

3. Pelletizing equipment, such as pellet machine ,conditioner and feeder

The above is the article for you: Quote for a Line Canable to Produce 1t/h Wood Pellets. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:


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