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Complete Biomass Pellet Production Line Solution

We set up the Complete Biomass Pellet Production Line Solution that will produce pellets with the world standard technologies!

Raw Material

  • Pre-treatment

  • Crushing

  • Conveying

  • Drying

  • Pellet Mill

  • Cooling

  • Screening

  • Packaging

  • Dust Control

Finished Product

Pre-treatment : This section is more suitable for the larger raw materials in the early stage, and it is not easy to directly crush or granulate through the crusher. But sometimes this section can be omitted. For example, the sawdust pellet production line can directly pelletize, and this section is not needed.

Crushing Section : This section is usually used in biomass pellet production line, forage gress pellet production line and nutshell straw pellet production line. For example, the SFSP hammer mill is used for wood and fruit shells, and the straw/alfalfa/husk/grass crusher is used for grass and straw. Different raw materials are equipped with different types of crusher.

Conveying Section : Conveying equipment is mechanical equipment that transports bulk cargo and unit goods from a loading point to an unloading point along a certain route in a continuous manner. The conveying equipment of RICHI machinery includes screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor and Bucket elevator.

Drying Section : To dry materials and remove the moisture from 50% to 15-17%. Itincludes: --Burningstove,tosupplyhotair --Drumdryer --Dischargingcyclone.

Pellet Mill: Wood pellet machine, also known as biomass pellet machine, has a wide range of raw materials: straw shells include wood, straw, sawdust, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, sunflower shells, coconut shells, coffee shells, bamboo, etc. . The grasses are alfalfa, hops, hemp, hay, grass, etc. In addition, there are organic fertilizer granulator, cat litter granulator and so on.

Cooling & Section : Pellets come out from pellet machine, its temperature is around 70℃, by cooling system, It can cool down to room temperature immediately. By momentary cooling, the hardness of pellets will become more stronger.

Screening Section : The forming rate of pellet machine is around 98 % , so there are still have 2% powder in pellets,by screening, sort out all the powders from pellets.

Packaging Section : There are three kinds of automatic packaging machines produced by RICHI machinery: powder packaging machines, granule packaging machines and (universal) dual-purpose packaging machines.

Dust Control System : A dust collection system is an air quality improvement system used in industrial production to improve breathable air quality and safety by removing particulate matter from the air and environment. Dust collection systems work on the basic formula of capture, convey and collect.

Production Line Description

The raw material of biomass pellet fuel is quite extensive. It can be produced by crop straw, forestry processed scrap, even livestock manure, municipal waste, and so on. Biomass pellet fuel is different from traditional fuels such as coal and petroleum. Fuel is a new type of energy, renewable energy, and reused energy.

What are the raw materials of biomass
What are the raw materials of biomass

The Crushing Of Raw Materials

Raw materials before processing are relatively long or relatively large. If the raw material crushed, the length of straw should be controlled at about 5cm, so as to avoid excessive raw materials entering the biomass pellet machine and causing the block machine.

The Drying Of Raw Materials

Since the raw material is relatively large in water recovery. If the user of the large biomass pellet machine can dry the raw material, the small processing needs to be air-dried, and the moisture of the raw material is generally controlled between 15% and 25%. Excessive moisture can easily block the ring die of the biomass pellet machine.

biomass pellet production line flowchart
biomass pellet production line flowchart

Raw Material Compression Pelletization

The raw material has a moderate moisture content after being dried and can be molded without pressing any additives when the particulate fuel is pressed by the wood pellet machine. It can produce a smooth and lustrous granular fuel.

Cooling Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

The produced Biomass pellet fuel has a relatively high temperature and needs to be cooled through the cooling machine before being packaged. If the temperature is too high, the packaging is easy to produce water droplets to loosen the particles. Which is not conducive to sales.

The Packaging Of Biomass Pellet Fuel

Biomass pellet fuel can be packaged in a quantitative packaging machine. It can be packaged into 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, and so on, which is convenient for small users to use. It can also be made into tons of bags, which is convenient for large users to use and unload.

Biomass  is pressed into pellets by a pellet machine
Biomass  is pressed into pellets by a pellet machine



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