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Large Capacity Easy to Handle 30 Tons/hour Wood Block Pellets Fuel Processing Production Line Project

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The raw materials used in the wood pellet production line are very wide. Our common ones are sawdust, wood, wood chips, branches, etc. But the raw material of this project is wood block. The wood block pellet production line project covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters, and leases the existing industrial plants in the park with a construction area of ​​186,000 square meters. The project has 15 labor force, including 3 administrative and management personnel. It adopts a two-shift system with 8 hours per shift, 300 days of work per year and 4800 hours per year.

wood block
wood block

1. Raw and auxiliary materials

The main raw and auxiliary materials are shown in Table 1

Table 1 Consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials of this project

Serial number name Annual consumption (t/a)
1 wood block 159400

2. Main equipment

The main equipment is shown in Table 2.

Table 2 Main equipment of this project

Serial number Equipment name Quantity unit
1 Fragmentation machine 1 station
2 grinder 1 station
3 Wood pellet machine 4 station
4 Screening machine 1 station
5 Conveying equipment 2 station
6 Fan 3 station

3. Product plan

Table 3 List of main product schemes of this project

Serial number product name specification Design ability ( t/a ) Annual operating hours
1 Molded biomass pellet fuel According to order requirements 150000 4800h/a

Product quality indicators are shown in Table 4.

Table 4 Product quality indicators of this project

project symbol unit index
Total moisture Mt % ≤15
Ash Ad % ≤10
Volatile Vd % ≥63
Total sulfur St, d % ≤0.20
Calorific value MJ/kg ≥14

4. Project area

The project covers an area of ​​40,000 m2 (60 acres), and the main building area is 18,600 m2. See Table 5 for details.

Table 5 List of land area of ​​this project

category Building name Designing ability Remarks
structural work Manufacturing Plant Annual production of 150,000 tons of particulate fuel Building area 3256m 2 , leased
Auxiliary engineering Office Daily administrative office Building area of ​​200m 2 , brick-concrete
Canteen, dormitory For staff board and lodging Building area of ​​600m 2 , brick-concrete

5. Process flow

(1) Crushing: the raw wood block is crushed by a wood crusher;

(2) Granulation: The crushed raw materials are transported to the raw material bin by conveyor belt, and then transported by the screw auger into the wood pellet mill for granulation. The granulation is made into finished products by extrusion molding, and the extrusion process is a physical process. , No adhesive is added, no chemical reaction occurs;

wood pellet mill
wood pellet mill

(3) Inspection: The unformed or unqualified particles are screened out by the screening machine, and this part of the particles enters the crushing device for reuse, and there is no discharge;

(4) Packing and warehousing: the products that have passed the inspection are packed and put into the warehouse.

6.Application of Wood Block Pellets

Wood block pellets are usually used in 3 areas: heat supply, industrial boilers, and power generation.

(1) Industrial boiler fuels

Wood pellets are used in industrial boilers as an alternative for coal and natural gas. Conventional fuels usually have the problems of pollution or high cost. Wood pellets are carbon neutral, with little sulfur or nitrogen content.

(2) Thermal and gasification power generation

Wood pellets also serves as fuel for thermal power generation and gasification power generation. It has high heat value and low pollutant emission. Many countries have carried out policies to encourage biomass power generation. testing in the RICHI Innovation Center, to engineering, process development, design and equipment manufacturing, our team is highly skilled in the field of organics granulation.

(3) Home heating, heat supply

They can be used in pellet heating stove and furnace. They can connect with pipes, boilers, and heating radiators to build a heating system at home. Wood pellets are clean, with little ash residues. It is convenient to store, transport, and use.

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