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Wood Pellet Mill Wood Pellet Mill
Wood Pellet Mill

Wood Pellet Mill

Model: MZLH

Capacity: 0.5t/h-100t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Final Pellet: 6-12mm

Product Description

Wood pellet machine is mainly a machine that uses sawdust, wood flour, wood bran, sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo shavings, bark, etc. as raw materials, and processes the raw materials into rod-shaped particles through processes such as crushing, drying, molding (granulation), and cooling. device. The formed particulate fuel is a kind of biomass energy, which can replace raw coal, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in power plants, gasifiers, and heating.

Wood Pellet Mill drawing

Wood Pellet Mill

How to choose best quality wood pellet machine

First, make certain your production demand.

Second, what biomass materials you want to process?

Third, the power condition.

Besides, choose a reliable supplier is important.



1.Vertical feeding, directly in place.

2.The mold is stationary, the pressure wheel is rotated, the material is centrifuged, and the material is evenly surrounded.

3.The mold is double-layered, dual-use, lower cost, high production and energy saving.

4.Ring mold, vertical structure, using the granulation chamber to reduce heat.

5.The ring frequency pellet machine's independent variable frequency discharge device guarantees the pellet forming rate, reasonable design and low energy consumption.

6.The main stress components use high-alloy wear-resistant materials, and the life of wearing parts is twice that of similar products.

7.24 hours work, fully automatic lubrication.

Wood Pellet Mill Details
Wood Pellet Mill Details

How wood pellets are made?

Wood is hard and not easy to process, so there are a few working procedure that can not be left out.

1. the raw material such as the log, bark or wood shavings should be cut into small pieces by a wood chipper.

2. the small wood chips should be dried. The moisture of the material should be kept in 10-18% for making quality pellets. To adjust the moisture, a dryer is necessary. For large-scale production, the drum dryer is a good choice while the airflow dryer are more suitable for small scale wood pellets production.

3. The dried wood chips should be screened by an integrated cooling screen for pellets. Dust and hard objects should be screened out.

4. After the initial sieving, the size of raw materials should be reduced one more time. A hammer mill is necessary in this procedure. The wood chip will be crushed into wood powder for the following process.

5. After the steps above, the materials are ready for pelletizing. The materials will be put into a series of flat-die pellet mills or ring-die pellet mills. If the business is small, flat-die pellet mill is cost-effective. If the yield is especially big, ring-die pellet mill is your best choice.

6. The pellets are hot when they come out from the wood pellet mill. Hot pellets are easy to broke and surfaces are usually not so smooth. So we need a counterflow cooler to cool the pellets and in this way, the pellets can be kept in good shape.

7. At last, the pellets should be packed for storage and transportation. Therefore, you may need a pellet packing machine. Pellet packing machine also has different model. And the different model should be decided by the quantity of each package.


Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Anti-caking Feeder Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 3KW 3KW
Forced Feeder Power 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.75KW 1KW 1KW
Capacity 300-400kg/h 500-700kg/h 1.0-1.2 t/h 2.0-2.5 t/h 2.5-4 t/h 3-4.5 t/h
Pellet Machine Power 37kw 55kw 90kw 110/132kw 250/280kw 280kw
Final Pellet 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm

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