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5 Tons/hour Wood Pellet Machine And Production Line

Date: 07/13/2020 08:44:18 From: Clicks:

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We all know that wood pellets are pressed by a wood pellet machine, and large output such as 5 tons/hour and 10 tons/hour of wood pellets will require a complete set of equipment for the wood pellet production line. Wood particles are generally used as fuel, large power plants, as fuel for boilers, winter heating stoves, etc. More people have invested in wood pellets these years. Recently, I received a consultation from a user who produced 5 tons/hour of wood particles.

Goodday, I’m looking for a new pellet mill machinery. We are planning to start producing pellets from raw wood. Like pallets, beams, sheets etc.. So, we need to shredder it to G30 after that into a hammer mill and into the pellet production machinery. We are looking to produce about 5T pellets an hour.We are planning to transport this into bulk or big bag. Is your company able to provide us with the necessary equipment and can you send us an offer on that? If you have any question to come to a offer please let me know.

5 Tons/hour Wood Pellet Machine
5 Tons/hour Wood Pellet Machine

Method For Improving Particle Production Efficiency

Improving the production efficiency of wood pellet mill to achieve the ideal result is very important in the manufacture of pellets. It's one of the questions that many producers and customers need to solve. Below are some techniques that will help users maximize the output of a pellet mill.

1. Provide a reasonable working parameter

The working conditions of the machine have a direct impact on natural material movement as well as the production efficiency. Improve the productivity of the wood pellet machine by advancing the roller design to suit the samples produced. Matching the roller and die results in maximal production efficiency of the equipment.

2. Ensure the pellet mill has a better rolling form

The rolling form of pellet making machine is a key factor since it determines the production efficiency and power consumption. Increasing the pressure while reducing the invalid ware and sizes enables the materials to form more quickly. As a result, the pellet mill discharge rate is improved, thus achieving the production efficiency goal.

3. Upgrade the transmission efficiency of the machine

A slow transmission efficiency of the engine affects the quantity and quality output of equipment. A power transmission system should be designed such that the power consumed by the pellet machine can be increased by improving the energy conveyance to achieve cost-effective and energy-saving products.

5 Tons/hour Wood Pellet Machine And Production Line
5 Tons/hour Wood Pellet Machine And Production Line

4. Proper competence levels of workers

Employees operating the machine need to master the safety measures to avoid unnecessary breakdown. Employees with formal training of the essential operation training bring out the best of the wood pellet mill.

5. Strictly monitor the quality of material

The quality feeding process involves three key aspects: First, prohibit the entry of too hard or non pulverized material from entering the chamber of pellet mill machine. Second, ensure the raw material size is not too large by advanced screening and drying before the processing by the pellet mill. And finally, monitor the moisture content since the material should be dried to allow minimal sticking on the pellet mill walls.

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