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Newly Built 8 Forage Grass Pellet Production Lines in the Feed Factory

Date: 01/25/2021 08:45:59 From: Clicks:

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1. Overview of Newly Built Forage Grass Pellet Production Lines Project

The client is a modern enterprise that mainly produces pellets of alfalfa, lynx, and corn stalks. It was founded in June 2010 and covers an area of ​​70,000 square meters. The company has assets of 15 million RMB. The office, workshop and production workshop are 2322 square meters. At present, the company has 67 employees, including 8 management personnel, 35 production personnel, and 24 sales personnel. The company's current products mainly include alfalfa pellets, leymus chinensis pellets, and corn stalk pellets. Pellet feed has many advantages such as high crude protein ratio, good palatability, easy storage, saving manpower, etc., which greatly reduces the cost of feeding and increases the income of farmers. It has been used in local farms and farmers, and exported It is highly praised by the majority of farmers at home and abroad. 

Newly Built 8 Forage Grass Pellet Production Lines in the Feed Factory
Newly Built 8 Forage Grass Pellet Production Lines in the Feed Factory

2. Basic Situation of the Forage Grass Pellet Production Lines Project

The project is located in Lindian County. The total planned investment of the project is 50 million RMB, of which: fixed assets investment is 40 million RMB (equipment and civil works are each 20 million RMB), the area is expanded from the original 20,000 square meters to 70,000 square meters, and the new 8 A feed production line. The newly added construction area is 5,200 square meters, including: a three-story office building of 1,200 square meters, a new storage warehouse of 2,500 square meters, a new production workshop of 1,000 square meters, and a new garage of 500 square meters. The raw material site will be hardened. , Plant tussah, mongolica, ash, sugar maple, silver poplar, and lawns in and around the field and around the field. Newly build 8 forage pellet production lines, which can produce 80,000 tons of forage pellet feed after reaching full capacity, including: alfalfa pellet feed production of 10,000 tons, and Leymus chinensis pellet feed production of 70,000 tons. The annual revenue can reach RMB 93 million, profit and tax. It can reach 14 million RMB, which can increase the income of farmers by 5 million RMB and solve 200 surplus labor force.

Forage Grass Pellet Machine
Forage Grass Pellet Machine

3. Alfalfa Market Analysis

Serious water scarcity issues in Asian and Middle Eastern countries and a global in demand for animal-based protein have buoyed global hike in alfalfa hay and grasses in the last 20 years. In 2016, global demand for alfalfa hay was 6 million tons, with trade amounting to USD 2.7 billion.

The leading alfalfa producing countries are United States, European Union, Argentina, Russia, Canada and Australia, with 32 million hectares farmed between them. Alfalfa spans over 4 million hectares in Latin America – 4 million in Argentina, 170,000 in no Chile, 120,000 in Peru, 70,000 in Uruguay, and 40,000 hectares in Brazil.

The leading alfalfa importing countries are Saudi Arabia, the UAE, China, Japan and South Korea, which account for 84% of global demand between them. The biggest exporters are United States, Spain, Canada, Italy and France.

4. Forage Grass Management


Alfalfa is one of the highest yielding forage legume (20 t/ha DM in the USA, about 16 t/ha DM in France). Under irrigation, it can produce 25 to 27 t/ha DM with a production reduced in the 3rd year to 8-15 t/ha DM. Production may be related to plant density, to disease resistance and to the winter activity level of the cultivar. Under rain-grown situations the production is also determined by the availability of soil moisture. There is a negative association between yield and nutritive value, which has greatest impact on timing of harvests made in spring and early summer in humid environments, and in early and late summer in more arid regions.


Alfalfa should be seeded in dense swards if further grazing is planned. Alfalfa does not tolerate close grazing well, and some form of rotational grazing is necessary to maintain the persistence and production of plants, with rest intervals that replenish the crown and roots of plants in carbohydrates and nitrogen. The duration of rest intervals depends on growth conditions, but 5 to 6 weeks are likely to be necessary. In a continuous grazing system, intensive defoliation can damage the plant crowns. In mixed pastures, stocking rates and grazing intensity should be controlled to prevent the selective overgrazing of alfalfa. Some cultivars are better adapted to grazing than others, including continuous grazing.

Organic Farming

Alfalfa contains features essential for organic farming because of its nutritional quality, nitrogen fixation and adaptive capacity. Specific varieties may be recommended depending on region-specific adaptation and management.

Alfalfa, Leymus Chinensis and Straw Feed Pelleting Equipment

For grass raw materials to be made into animal feed pellets or biomass pellets, the core equipment is inseparable from pasture pellet machines. The forage grass pellet machine can make any grass powder into pellets. A single grass pellet machine is not enough to meet the needs of commercial feed. If you want to invest in a feed pellet factory, it is necessary to build an alfalfa pellet production line. A complete alfalfa feed pellet production line or pasture pellet production line includes pasture crusher, dryer, alfalfa pelletizer or pasture pellet machine, cooler, screening system, baling system, dust removal system, conveying system, etc. Richi Machinery is a pasture pellet manufacturer with a history of 27 years. At present, our customers are located in 113+ countries at home and abroad. If you are interested in forage equipment, please contact us for free design and quotation!

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