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How to choose the right wood pellet machine manufacturer among many pellet mill manufacturers There

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There are many large and small wood pellet machine manufacturers on the market. How to choose a suitable wood pellet machine manufacturer among many pellet machine manufacturers is a problem that every pellet plant needs to consider. wood pellet machine is an important equipment in the entire wood pellet production line. How to choose the right pelletizer manufacturer?

wood pellet machine manufacturer
wood pellet machine manufacturer

5 Steps to Find a Suitable Pellet Machine Manufacturer

To find the suitable pellet machine manufacturer may be an exhausting work for the investors who just entered wood pellet production industry. When you select the suitable pellet machine manufacturers, you are testing the production qualifications of pellet machine manufacturers. But how can they prove they can meet your needs. Here are the 5 factors you can check when you choosing your pellet machine manufacturers.

1. Which Type of Pellet Machines is the Specialty of the Pellet Machine Manufacturer?

As we all know, there are many different types of pellet machines, such as wood pellet machine, feed machines, etc. Even only talk about wood pellet machine, there are also small pellet mill and ring die pellet mill. Different types of pellet machines used for different scales of wood pellet production. Small pellet mill, aka flat die pellet mill, has a capacity of 250kg – 400kg per hour, normally used for small scale wood pellet production. For industrial pellet production, ring die pellet machine is more suitable than small pellet mill. Therefore, if you find a pellet machine manufacturer has long pellet machine manufacturing experiences, but just specialized in small pellet mill, then it still can’t be your pellet machine supplier.

In order to find the suitable pellet machine manufacturer, you have to determine the pellet machine types for your pellet plant. Taking about large pellet machine, there are horizontal ring die pellet machine and vertical ring die pellet machine. Both of the two types pellet machines are used for industrial scale wood pellet production. Therefore, get more detail information about different types of wood pellet machines, then you can choose the suitable wood pellet machine type, and find the suitable pellet machine manufacturer.

2. Is It a New Pellet Machine Factory?

When you find a pellet machine manufacturer, the first thing you can check is to see how long has the pellet machine manufacturer entered the industry. It does not mean that old pellet machine manufacturer is definitely better than new pellet machine manufacturer. Maybe the old pellet machine factory still use old techniques, and the new pellet machine factory use the advanced pellet machine manufacturing techniques.

The question “is it a new pellet machine factory?” does not mean the actual years the factory has established, what I mean here is when did the pellet machine manufacturer started to pellet machine making business, does the pellet machine manufacturer have rich experience of making wood pellet machines.

 Which Type of Pellet Machines
 Which Type of Pellet Machines

3. Does the Pellet Machine Manufacturer Have Their Own Development Center?

The development center, or research and development department, is the core department of pellet machine factories. It is focusing on improve pellet machine performance, study new pellet machine manufacturing technologies, and develop new series of pellet machine products.

Therefore, a strength pellet machine manufacturer must have their own development team, that can help support the production of pellet machines, and control the pellet machine quality. Moreover, with a research and development department, there are better maintenance of pellet machines. A pellet mill factory without development center can only manufacturing pellet machine with old techniques, and can not customize functions of pellet machines. But the pellet machine price of these factories is lower than the strength pellet machine factories, so if you are looking for pellet machine with average quality and basic functions, or you just want to make some wood pellet for your own house, this type of pellet machine manufacturers can also be considered.

4. Has the Pellet Machine Manufacturer Supplied Any Successful Pellet Plant Project?

As a pellet machine manufacturer with rich experiences, they must have been worked with many different pellet plants in the industry. The successful pellet plant project is an important factor to see if the pellet machine manufacturer is qualified.

If a pellet machine manufacturer haven’t supplied any successful pellet plant project, will you trust them? The successful pellet plant projects can help you get more useful information about their pellet machines. For example, you can check the actual working performance of the pellet machines, see if the pellet machine can run stably in actual working process. Pellet machine quality is very important for the complete wood pellet production process. Any damage of pellet machines will effect the wood pellet production cost. So, if the pellet machine manufacturer has supplied some successful pellet plant projects, you can pay a visit to these pellet plants, can see how the pellet machine works. More pellet plant projects show better reputation in the industry.

Successful Pellet Plant Project
Successful Pellet Plant Project

5. Is There After-sale Service of the Pellet Machine Manufacturer?

After-sale service is also an important factor for the new entered pellet plant investors. The fresh pellet plant investors have little knowledge about pellet machine operation and maintenance, so after they purchase the pellet machines, a comprehensive pellet machine operation and maintenance training will help a lot. Also, during the initial stage of pellet plant operation, every pellet equipment need to be debugged, so after-sale service can help new pellet plant solve many problems, and start their wood pellet making business more smoothly.

Above are five factors that are crucial when you trying to find a suitable pellet machine manufacturer for your pellet plant. An industrial pellet plant is used for large quantity wood pellet production, and there are 10-20 labors in a pellet plant, so the safety and continuously operation of pellet machines are the basic considerations of the investors. Even though, there may be some pellet machine manufacturers can provide low price pellet machines, without qualified safety protection device and stable working performance, there is no long-term profits.

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