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Waste Tire Textile Cord Pellet plant Production Line

Date: 07/13/2020 08:52:51 From: Clicks:

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Waste Tire Textile Cord,It is also the first time that I have heard from customers that the cords in used tires can also be compressed into pellets. But we did. This is a customer in Poland, because the raw materials he uses are special, our business manager has communicated with customers many times, and under the technical guidance of our technical engineers. Designed and produced a complete set of pellet production line equipment for this Polish customer. So, no matter what raw materials the customer is, they can communicate with us. Our professional technical engineers will definitely give you a satisfactory solution.

Waste Tire Textile Cord
Waste Tire Textile Cord

The following is the customer's early consultation content:

Company Recykl O.O. S.A. recycles used tyres and produce so called textile cord. This textile material is composed mainly of polyester fibres and will be pelletized. Company looks for the full pelleting line with capacity of 1 ton of input textile material per hour.

The line should be composed of following components and/or similar granting same function or performance:

1. input bin and feeding of textile material to the conditioner

2. conditioner with ability to add liquid additives and dry powders

3. pelleting machine with pellet diameter 6-8 mm

4. cooling and screening of pellet product

5. packaging – big-bags

6. line operation 365.24 with 70% availability

7. humidity of input material <8%

Please kindly estimate the budgetary price for such a line. The configuration details will be subject of further discussion.

The customer's main raw material is waste tire fiber, and we have designed a targeted plan for the customer's raw material. The customer visited our factory and four other suppliers in the early stage, and finally, we chose Richi Machinery!

Waste Tire Textile Cord Pellet plant Production Line drawing
Waste Tire Textile Cord Pellet plant Production Line drawing

Our company provides drawing details:

1.Flow Chart;

2. install drawings;

3. pit drawings;

4. operating instruction;

5.the production construction design drawings;

6. steel structure full drawing and steel material list;

7. plan and sectional layout graph of workshop drawings;

8. steel structure construction drawings;

9. the detailed steel structure drawings and material list;

10. Diagram of floor;

11 roof and wall reserved hole;

12. Oscillatory coefficients of equipment.

Waste Tire Textile Cord Pellet machine
Waste Tire Textile Cord Pellet machine

Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet Production Line Project

Name: Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line

Country: Poland

Capacity: 2-3 t/h

Date: Jan 23th,2019

Installation cycle: 15 Days

Feed Pellet Size: 6mm pellet

Our Service After-Sale

1. We send two technical and installation engineers to guide the installation.

2. After install and adjust, we have trained our customer's worker how to operate;

3. Training worker how to maintain and protect ;

4. According features, we will make a complete maintain rules for you, contains how to maintain, when to maintain, who maintain.

5. Our company after-sale department will call Tanianza's customer at regular intervals, ask if maintain and give advice.

6. Except for the wearing parts, our company offers 1 year free warranty and permanent free technical support.

Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line:

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