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120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Shavings Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Stalk and Other Biomass Pellet Plant

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1. Project Overview of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

Biomass pellet fuel production uses plant fibers as raw materials, including wood and bamboo product processing scraps, rice processing crude shells, tree residues, firewood, straw, cotton stalks, hemp stalks and other combustible biomass. The basic processing technology is: crushing, drying, and extrusion molding. Biomass pellet fuel meets the fuel requirements of industrial production by changing the combustion properties of biomass such as density, strength, and moisture content.

Biomass raw materials
Biomass raw materials

2. Project Content of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

The main engineering of this project is the construction of a biomass pellet production line. Auxiliary projects include the construction of production workshops, raw material storage sheds, finished product warehouses, weighbridge rooms, power supply and distribution systems, water supply pipe networks, office spaces and canteens that are compatible with the main project. The main engineering content of the project is shown in Table 1-1, and the construction area and structure of the main civil works are shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-1 List of main project contents

Project category Project content
Main project  
Building a biomass pellet fuel production line with a production scale of 400 tons/day (120,000 tons/year)
Auxiliary project  
Production workshop, raw material shed, finished product warehouse, weighbridge room, power supply and distribution system, water supply network, office space, canteen
Public Works
Water supply The source of water for employees' domestic use is the Zhoujiatan Village Water Plant. The water supply demand is about 10m3/d. The fire water source is
in the southwest pond with an area of ​​about 10 mu.
Drainage Drainage is separated from rain and sewage. There is no production waste water. Domestic sewage is about 4.8m3/d, which is treated in a septic tank and then discharged into the southwest pond to feed fish.
Power supply The power supply is introduced by the 10KV overhead dedicated line of the Huishan Port Power Supply Station, and one transformer each of 1600KVA and 315KVA will be added according to electricity demand.
Environmental protection project
Wastewater treatment Septic tanks, grease traps and other domestic sewage treatment facilities
Exhaust gas treatment Installation of dust removal device of pellet production line, water spraying and dust removal measures
Noise control Taking measures such as vibration reduction and sound insulation treatment
Solid waste treatment and disposal Comprehensive utilization of drying kiln dust, regular removal of domestic waste, sanitary landfill

Biomass Pellet Plant Projects
Biomass Pellet Plant Projects

Table 1-2 List of main buildings

Serial number Building name Building area m2 Occupied area m2 Number of layers
1 Office building 400 200 2
2 Main plant 4000 4000 1
3 Finished product warehouse 2500 2500 1
4 Raw material warehouse 2500 2500 1
5 Power House 100 100 1
6 Weighbridge room 10 10 1
total 9510 9310  

3. Production Scale of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

Table 1-3 Project product plan and production scale

Products Fuel pellets (heat value 3900~4800 kcal/kg)
Processing capacity Processing days Annual output
400 tons/day 300 120,000 tons/year

4. Consumption of Raw and Auxiliary Materials

The main raw materials for the production of biomass pellet fuel are the waste bamboo chips after the processing of bamboo products, the leftover materials after the processing of woodware, branches, straws, etc. Calculate the amount of raw materials based on the current product output as follows.

Table 1-4 Raw (fuel) auxiliary materials and annual consumption

Serial number Name Unit Annual consumption Source of raw materials and others
1 Bamboo chips ton 100000 Bamboo product processing enterprises
2 Wood and branches ton 30000 Wood processing and agricultural and forestry waste
3 Straw ton 50000 Crop straw collected from farmland
4 Packaging bag ten thousand 240 Divide the pellets into 50kg/bag

5. Material Balance Sheet of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

Part of the raw material consumed in the production of biomass fuel pellets is used for combustion in the drying kiln as fuel, and the other part is the raw material that is pulverized, dried, and extruded into biofuel pellets.

Table 1-5 Material balance sheet for biomass fuel pellet production

Injection of raw and auxiliary materials Products and other output
Serial number Raw and auxiliary materials
(30% moisture content)
Amount of input
Serial number Products and others Output (t/a)
1 Bamboo shavings 100000 1 Biomass particles (water content <5%) 120000
Wood and branches
30000 2 Stove ash 1200
3 Straw 50000 3 SO2 10.2
Note: For every ton of pellets produced, 0.10 ton of bamboo shavings branches or straws are burned (used in the drying kiln). 4 NOX 12.2
5 Smoke and dust 1500
6 CO2, steam and others 57270.4
7 Dust (except smoke and dust) 7.2
8 Fume volume 150 million mark m3
Total 180000 Total 180000

6. Main Production Equipment of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

Table 1-6 List of main production and auxiliary equipment

Serial number Device name Model Unit Quantity
1 Slicing machine BX214    5 tons/hour Number of units 5
2 Belt conveyor 600×7500 Number of units 5
3 Wood hammer mill SFSP66*60a 5 tons/hour Number of units 5
4 Fan 9-26-5A   Special fan for water cooling base Number of units 2
5 Raw material upgrade wind net Including diameter 1200 Shakron etc. Number of units 1
6 Air shut off device 30 liters Number of units 1
7 Tumble dryer φ1400×18000 Number of units 2
8 Outlet skirt belt conveyor 600×9000 Number of units 1
9 Feeding belt conveyor 600×8600 Number of units 1
10 Permanent Magnet Roller Automatic iron removal Number of units 2
11 Bucket Elevator 9m    3-4 tons/hour Number of units 2
12 Feeding auger 219×3000 Set 2
13 Circular broken arch granulation bin φ1500×1500 Number of units 2
14 Belt conveyor ZH600×12 pairs Number of units 2
15 Dehumidification fan 4-72-5A Number of units 2
16 Dehumidification air net   Set 2
17 Cooler ZH6 Number of units 4
18 Cooling fan 4-72-5 Number of units 1
19 Cooling wind net ZH1000 Number of units 2
20 Belt conveyor ZH600×8.5 pairs Number of units 2
21 Control cabinet   Set 2

7. Public Works of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

(1) Water supply and drainage

Table 1-7 Project water balance sheet

Water object Water standard Quantity Water consumption
Number of days (days) Drainage (m3/d)
Fire fighting water Reserve water 15 acres of pond      
Vehicle, road cleaning and sprinkling     4.0 100 /
water for live 150L/person·d 40 people 6.0 300 4.8
Total     10.0   4.8

Water supply: The staff's domestic water comes from the water plant in Zhoujiatan Village, and the water supply demand is about 10m3/d. The fire fighting water comes from the southwest pond with an area of ​​about 10 mu. See Table 1-7 for production and domestic water consumption.

Drainage: Drainage is a separate system of rain and sewage. There is no production wastewater. Domestic sewage is about 4.8m3/d. After treatment in a septic tank, it is discharged into the southwest pond to feed fish.

(2) Power supply

The installed capacity of electrical equipment for this project is 17000Kw, and the transformers of Taojiang Hongxin Paper Co., Ltd. are used. The starting and protection equipment of electrical equipment are installed on the power distribution panel of the power distribution room, and only the electrical room and control buttons are installed on site.

(3) Fire protection

The production of biomass fuel pellets has a large dust concentration and a moisture content as low as 5-20%. Once a fire source exists, it can cause a major fire. Fire safety will be the most important part of the company’s safe production. The project will install fire hoses, fire hydrants and a certain number of indoor fire extinguishers in accordance with the fire protection requirements; all electrical equipment will be equipped with short-circuit protection and overload protection devices. Once abnormal conditions occur Then it will sound an alarm or automatically cut off the power supply to quickly eliminate fire hazards or reduce the scope of the accident; the substation is installed with a grounding protection device, and the grounding resistance is not greater than 10Ω. The main building belongs to the third type of lightning protection structure, and the corresponding lightning protection is adopted in the design Grounding protection measures.

In order to ensure sufficient fire-fighting water sources, the company has leased the southwest pond (approximately 15 mu).

Biomass Pellet Plant Projects
Biomass Pellet Plant Projects

8. Investment Scale and Capital Composition

Investment scale: The fixed investment of this project is 34.76 million yuan, and the environmental protection investment is about 600,000 yuan.

Funds Raising: A bank loan of 20 million yuan, the rest will be raised by the enterprise itself.

9. Labor Quota of 120,000 Tons/year Wood Bamboo Straw Cotton Stalk Hemp Biomass Pellet Plant

The company's labor force is 60 people, and 20 people stay in the company for a long time.

Work system: 300 working days per year, two shifts in normal time.

Biomass Pellet Plant Projects

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