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How Much Does It Cost to Invest in a New 2 T/H Biomass Wood Pellet Production Line?

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How much does it cost to build a 2 T/H biomass pellet production line? As we all know, no matter which product to invest in, funds are needed as support in the early stage. Therefore, to build a biomass pellet fuel plant, we must first prepare sufficient funds. So how much money is needed to invest in a biomass wood pellet plant?

How Much Does It Cost to Invest in a New 2-ton Biomass Wood Pellet Production Line?
How Much Does It Cost to Invest in a New 2-ton Biomass Wood Pellet Production Line?

I. Equipment Investment

Richi machinery manufacturer’s suggestion is based on the actual situation, the funds can be more or less, if you are new to this industry, you still have a good understanding of the biomass fuel industry, there is no certain market, I suggest you invest in a small factory first. It is possible to invest in two biomass wood pellet machines with an output of 1 ton per hour. Some people would like to say, why not invest in one piece of equipment. Wouldn't it save costs? Although the investment is less, in operation, if you only have one machine, if the machine fails, then the entire biomass pellet plant will stop production and cannot produce biomass wood pellets, and it may not be delivered on time. The possible breach of contract, the need to pay liquidated damages, and the loss of a prospective customer, the price paid is still relatively large. Therefore, if you invest in two equipment, even if one is broken, there are at least products that can be supplied to customers. The second point is to invest in 1 set of equipment and 2 sets of equipment, which also requires 2 to 4 workers, and there is no conflict in site requirements, so we recommend investing in 2 biomass pellet machines. In the later stage, if the output is stable and customers increase, additional equipment investment can be added to increase the output of biomass wood particles.

To make wood sawdust into biomass pellets, wood shredders are generally required (choose according to the material selection, if it is sawdust, shavings are not needed, scraps need to be crushed), dryers (based on the moisture of the raw materials, the moisture is higher than 20 % Requires drying, less than 20%, do not dry), biomass wood pellet machine, packaging machine, and some auxiliary equipment: conveyor belt and finished product cooling warehouse. Adding up the equipment size, the investment may range from RMB 400,000 to RMB 700,000.

II. Plant Investment

After the equipment is determined, you need to investigate the plant investment. The first choice is to rent an industrial plant, which can reduce your own plant construction investment, and the supporting hydropower transformers are complete, and you only need to pay the rent. Generally, the small particle factory has an area of ​​2000 square meters enough to use, if you consider later expansion For production capacity, 3,000 to 5,000 square meters of space must be prepared. The cost of plant lease investment varies according to local market conditions.

Biomass Wood Pellet Production Line
Biomass Wood Pellet Production Line

III. Raw Material Investment Costs

After the equipment and workshop are ready, you need to purchase raw materials for processing. Generally, the output is 2 tons on time, and the output is 15 tons in 8 hours. The amount of raw materials required to be stored in a day is at least 20 tons. If one ton of raw materials is calculated at 400 RMB, it needs 8,000 RMB a day. For raw material investment, production for 25 days in January requires 200,000 RMB of working capital for raw material procurement.

Investment Cost Analysis

1. Two sets of biomass pellet machines (calculated with an hourly output of 1 ton): the investment of the new pellet machine is 200,000 to 150,000, and the second-hand pellet machine is 140,000 to 180,000 (novices are not recommended to buy second-hand machines)

2. Three-phase transformer: the leased workshop is generally equipped, and the cost of a new transformer is as high as 50,000-100,000

3. Labor cost: 2 people for production, 2 monitors and 2 maintenance workers, an average of 3,000 RMB/person/month, totaling 12,000 RMB/month.

4. There are several salesmen, with a general basic salary of 2,000 RMB, and other commissions of 10-20 RMB/ton.

5. Electricity fee: Generally, it is about 1 RMB/kWh during the day and 0.5 RMB/kWh at night. It is cheaper if you can apply for agricultural electricity.

6. Raw materials: high-quality raw materials are about 500 RMB/ton, general sawdust is about 400 RMB/ton, and Pinus sylvestris raw materials are about 900-1000 RMB/ton

7. Production capacity: Daily production capacity: 2×12=24 tons. If a month is produced in 25 days, the monthly output is 600 tons. The unit price per ton ranges from 750-1300 depending on the price of raw materials. The price varies according to different periods.

8. Based on sufficient raw materials, the daily output value is about 24 tons. The profit depends on the region, the price is different, and the raw material is different, about 50-100 RMB/ton.

Investment and Income Calculation:

According to the monthly production capacity of 600 tons, the net profit of one ton is 50-100, and it is calculated according to the investment of 500,000 in one production line.

According to the net profit of 50 RMB, the profit for one month is 600×50=30,000 RMB, and 360,000 RMB in a year and 12 months.

According to the net profit of 100 RMB, the monthly profit is 600×100=60,000 RMB, and 720,000 RMB in 12 months in a year.

The peers are different. If you know how to manage, you can recover the investment cost in one year, but there are also biomass pellet plants that lose money after one year of investment.

Based on the above investment products, it takes about 1 million RMB to build a 2 tons per hour biomass pellet fuel production line.

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