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Alfalfa Pellet Production Line Processing Project

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Alfalfa pellet production line processing project. Alfalfa is a perennial legume forage. It not only contains abundant protein, minerals and vitamins, but also contains amino acids, trace elements and unknown factors necessary for humans and animals. It is known as the "king of forage". Alfalfa is in strong demand at home and abroad, so it is necessary to develop alfalfa pellet production and processing projects.


The production and processing project of alfalfa pellet feed mainly develops alfalfa planting and deep processing of forage feed. The plan is to be carried out in two steps, that is, the first step is to develop to 100,000 mu within 3-5 years based on the existing 45,000 mu of alfalfa, and on this basis, new green plants with an annual output of 20,000 tons with high technical content Environmentally friendly forage and feed processing production line, the main raw materials for processing are the existing 45,000 mu of alfalfa, 50,000 mu of Astragalus sativa, 100,000 mu of sweet clover and 300,000 mu of high-yield corn stalks; the second step is 5 By 10 years, the area of ​​high-quality forage alfalfa will be developed to 200,000 mu, and the planting area of ​​high-yield corn covered with plastic film in the county will be developed to 500,000 mu, so that grass planting and processing will truly become a promotion for pigs, cattle, sheep, The fish industry is the leading industry in Fu County.

Alfalfa Pellet Production Line Processing Project
Alfalfa Pellet Production Line Processing Project

The total investment of the project is 38.13914 million RMB, of which the first phase investment is 32.38914 million RMB, which is mainly used to purchase new planting machinery and crushing equipment, newly drilled and supporting 50 electromechanical wells, planted 55,000 mu of alfalfa, and increased annual output of 2 10,000 tons of various green and environmentally friendly forage and feed processing production lines; the second phase of investment is 5.75 million RMB, mainly for the purchase of various new planting machinery, new and supporting motorized wells, planting 100,000 mu of alfalfa, and the planting area of ​​covered corn 500,000 mu.

Alfalfa Pellet Production Line Process

First, remove heavy contaminants (rocks, metals and other foreign matter) from the alfalfa raw materials, and then grind them in a hammer mill or slicer. The particle size is adjusted to a uniform maximum size, which is about 85% or less of the minimum thickness of the pellets to be produced. The raw alfalfa has a high moisture content, so it must be dried. Therefore, the product from the hammer mill is transported to a dryer (usually a rotary drum dryer) where the moisture content of uniformly sized particles is reduced to about 10% (wb).

Alfalfa Pellet
Alfalfa Pellet

Then, the alfalfa pellets can be adjusted, that is, steam or organic binders can be added (according to the law). After conditioning, the granules are then moved through a conveyor belt to a granulator, where they are squeezed out by the action of rollers acting on the perforated substrate. On the outside of the latter, use a knife to cut pellets of the desired length. The residual moisture in the raw material will turn into steam during the compression process and help lubricate the compression mold. After extrusion, the alfalfa pellets are very hot (90-100°C) and immediately air quenched to 25°C. This sets the lignin and hardens the product and helps maintain its quality during storage and handling.

Finally, it is screened to separate the remaining fine powder that is usually reused in the process. The dust-free alfalfa pellets can then be stored (in a silo) or automatically packed (25 kg bags or big bags-1 to 1.5 cubic meters).

Advantages of Alfalfa

1. High grass yield. The yield of alfalfa varies widely due to the growth years and natural conditions. The yield of fresh grass per mu for 2 to 5 years after sowing is generally 2000-4000 kg, and the yield of hay is 500-800 kg. In areas with better water and heat conditions, it can produce 733-800 kilograms of hay per mu; in dry and low-temperature areas, 400-730 kilograms of hay per mu; and in the irrigation areas of desert oasis, 800-1000 kilograms of hay per mu.

2. Long useful life. The life span of alfalfa can be as long as 30 years, and the life span of field cultivation can be as long as 7 to 10 years. But its output, after entering the high-yield period, decreases with age.

3. Strong reproducibility and resistance to cutting. Alfalfa is very regenerative, and it can quickly regain its vitality after cutting. Generally, it can be cut 2 to 4 times a year, and more can be cut 5 to 6 times.

4. Good grass quality and strong palatability. The stems and leaves of alfalfa are tender and delicious. Regardless of silage, silage, green hay, processed grass powder, compound feed or mixed feed, all kinds of livestock and poultry are the favorite to eat, and it is also the first choice for pig and poultry industry.

5. Rich in nutrition. Alfalfa stems and leaves are rich in protein, minerals, vitamins and carotene, especially in the leaves. When alfalfa is fresh and tender, the leaf weight accounts for about 50% of the whole plant. The crude protein content in the leaf is 1 to 1.5 times higher than that of the stem, and the crude fiber content is more than half less than that of the stem. On the same area of ​​land, the total digestible nutrients of alfalfa are twice that of gramineous forages, the digestible protein is 2.5 times, and the minerals are 6 times.

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