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Does Investing in Biomass Pellet Machines Make Money?

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From theory to market, from laboratory to factory, biomass pellets only took a few years. In the early days, due to the lack of an effective pelletizer, the biomass pelletizer was locked in the laboratory. After the new ring die granulator came out, they were soon put on the market. Biomass pellets and other equipment can be used. The MZLH ring die pellet machine produced by Richi Machinery has the highest sales in the market. The output of the biomass pellet machine is 1 ton/h-40 ton/h, which can meet the needs of different output.

Biomass Pellet Machines
Biomass Pellet Machines

Many people buy biomass pellet machines or wood pellet machines, at least two, why? This is because there is at least one spare pellet machine, just in case one pellet machine fails, the other can continue production, reducing the loss of the enterprise.

Why Choose a Biomass Pellet Machine?

~ Easy access to raw materials

~ Simple production process, easy to operate

~ Easy to transport and store

~ Wide sources of raw materials

~ Low material and production costs

High Returns for Biomass Pellets

Biomass pellets can be made from different types of wood and agricultural waste-wood, sawdust, needle wood, beech, fruit, spruce, straw, nut shell, straw... These pellets can be used for barbecues, fireplaces, industrial boilers, Power generation. The combustion efficiency of biomass particles exceeds 80%, which is higher than that of traditional coal (about 60%), and there are much less harmful gases and dust.

The calorific value of biomass particles is high; the calorific value is about 3900-4800 kcal/kg. They contain a small amount of impurities and dust. These impurities and dust cannot provide heat, but will generate waste heat. The carbon content of biomass particles is 75-85%. Biomass particles will not corrode the boiler-this means that the boiler has a long service life and lower cost.

Cost of biomass pellet plant:

In addition to investment, the cost of biomass includes the following:

~ Raw material cost

~ Electricity bill

~ labor cost

~ Shipping and storage costs

~ Other expenses (site, equipment depreciation expenses, wearing parts)

Usually, the raw materials are free or very cheap, but delivering the raw materials can cost a lot. Therefore, the pellet mill factories are usually built near the raw materials. In different countries, costs are different. If you are interested, you can provide us with information about your raw materials, raw material moisture content, hourly output and budget. We will design a set of plans and quotations that suit you.

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