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Annual Production of 12,000 Tons (5 t/h) Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

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1. Project Background

Biomass mainly refers to wastes such as crop straw, forestry and wood processing. Biomass energy is an important renewable energy source. Biomass can be converted into highly efficient solid, liquid and gas fuels, which can be used to replace non-renewable energy sources such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant
Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant

Biomass pellet fuel has high volatile content, easy precipitation, good carbon activity, flammability, low ash content, fast ignition, more fuel saving, and lower use cost. The formed biomass particles are small in volume, high in specific gravity, high in density, resistant to combustion, easy to store and transport, and the calorific value can reach between 3900-4800 kcal. It is an ideal new fuel and is widely used in domestic stoves and hot water boilers, Industrial boilers and biomass power plants.

2. Project Overview

A: Project Name: Construction of a biomass pellet production line with an annual output of 12,000 tons

B: Hourly production capacity: 5 tons/hour

C: Construction site: Yiyang City, Hunan Province

D: Construction nature: new construction

E: Project investment: The total investment is 4 million yuan, including environmental protection investment of 200,000 yuan, all funds raised by the company

F: Labor capacity: 10 people

G: Work system: 300 working days per year, one-shift system, 8 hours per shift

3. Project Construction Scale and Content

The total land area of ​​the project is 2653 square meters. The existing workshops are leased for biomass pellet production. The project workshops are divided into raw material area, pelletizing area, and finished product area.

The main construction content of this project is shown in Table 1-1.

Table 1-1 List of main construction contents of this project

Project category Project name Main construction content
Main project Granulation area 1F, with an area of ​​about 400m2, is mainly used for the pelletizing process, located in the east of the plant, with 2 pelletizers
Auxiliary project Office building 1F, covering an area of ​​60m2 for office use
Storage and transportation engineering Raw material area 1F, with an area of ​​about 700m2, mainly used for raw material storage, located in the north of the factory
Warehouse 1F, with an area of ​​about 300m2, mainly used for stacking finished products, located in the west of the plant
Utilities Water supply Provided by the factory's own well
Power supply Uniformly supplied by the local power supply network
Drainage Rain and sewage separation system, this project does not require water for production, and no production wastewater is produced; domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and used as agricultural fertilizers for comprehensive utilization and no discharge
Environmental protection project Exhaust The dust generated during the project's raw material storage, transportation, loading and unloading dust, product storage, transportation, loading and unloading, and packaging processes will be discharged in an unorganized form after sedimentation in the workshop. After the granulated dust is treated by bag dust removal, it will settle in the workshop, and will be discharged in an unorganized form after settlement. Measures such as strengthening management will reduce the project's unorganized dust emission.
Wastewater No water is required for production in this project, and no production wastewater is produced; domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and used as fertilizer for comprehensive utilization and no discharge
Noise Reasonable layout, use low-noise equipment, take vibration and sound insulation measures, strengthen equipment maintenance, etc.
Solid waste Hazardous waste such as waste lubricating oil is temporarily stored in the hazardous waste temporary storage room, and is regularly transported to qualified units for disposal; domestic waste is handed over to the sanitation department for unified removal and disposal; ground sweeping dust and dust collected by the dust removal system are returned Yiyang Municipal. Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant Yiyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant is located in Yiyang, Hunan Province
Relying on the project Yiyang City Waste Incineration Power Plant Yiyang Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Power Plant is located in Qingshan Village, Xielingang Town, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, with a total area of 60,000 square meters, or 90.0 acres. The total investment is 50.46 million yuan, and the service scope covers the main urban area of Yiyang City and some surrounding towns and towns and the eastern new district. The mechanical grate furnace incineration process is adopted, and two 400t/d garbage processing production lines are selected.

4. Project Product Plan

The product of this project is mainly formed biomass pellet fuel, and the annual output of formed biomass pellets is expected to be 12,000 tons.

Molded biomass pellet products: the raw material is wood chips, the diameter of the molded biomass pellets is about 8mm, the length is about 8cm, the ash content is less than 8.0%, the density is more than 1.1t/m3, the low calorific value is 3200kg/kcal, and the moisture content of the finished product is less than 8%. About 7.5%.

Annual Production of 12,000 Tons (5 t/h) Biomass Pellet Production Line Project
Annual Production of 12,000 Tons (5 t/h) Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

5. Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials and Energy Consumption

During the operation period of the project, the main raw material is wood chips, which have been crushed before entering the factory, with a moisture content of about 8%, which meets the requirements of pelletizing and molding. Therefore, drying is not required during the production process. The specific consumption is shown in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2 List of main raw and auxiliary materials and power and energy consumption during the project operation period

Serial number Name Annual consumption Remarks
1 Sawdust 12030t Purchase pulverized wood chips with a moisture content of about 8%. There is no need to dry during the production process. They are stored in the raw material area. The maximum storage capacity is 30t
2 Water 150m3 Factory-owned well
3 Electricity 30,000 KW·h Powered by the power supply system of Cangshuipu Town

6. Main Production Equipment

The main equipment of this project is shown in Table 1-3:

Table 1-3 List of main equipment of this project

Serial number Category Name Specification model Quantity (unit) Remarks
1 Production Wood pellet machine MZLH520 2 units Granulation process
2 Assistive equipment Conveyor belt —— 2 entries Transportation auxiliary equipment
3 Elevator —— 1 set
4 Forklift —— 1 unit
5 Environmental protection equipment Exhaust gas treatment equipment   1 set Air collecting hood + bag dust removal device

7. Work system and labor quota

The project has a total of 10 employees in one shift, with an annual working time of about 300 days, all of whom do not have food and accommodation in the factory.

8. General Layout

This project is located in Cangshuipu Village, Cangshuipu Town, Heshan District, Yiyang City. It leases the completed factory building. The site is roughly rectangular, and an entrance and exit is set on the south side. The plant area is composed of raw material workshop, pelletizing workshop, finished product workshop, office area, etc. The pelletizing workshop is located on the east side of the plant area, and the finished product area and raw material area are located on the west and north sides of the plant area. Each functional area is clearly divided and relatively independent. It is organically connected, the whole is orderly, and the layout is more reasonable.

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