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Inner Mongolia 10,000 Tons/year Biomass Salix Pellet Production Line Project

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Salix is a desert plant and one of the very few plants that can grow in saline soil. Salix grows rapidly, with dense branches and leaves, a large root system, strong sand fixation and soil conservation, and high utilization value. But what you may not know is that Salix will automatically dry and die after a certain number of years. In order to avoid waste of resources, the Salix will be collected as the raw material of the biomass pellet plant. The establishment of a Salix pellet production line has great economic value. While the farmers and herdsmen earn income, the sand willow recycling is realized.


The production line of biomass salix pellets has the advantages of small investment and quick results. Single raw material for Salix pellet production lines in Gansu and Inner Mongolia. In addition, the climate of deserts in Gansu and Inner Mongolia is dry, so moisture of raw materials is suitable for biomass pellets production line.

Equipment for Biomass Pellets Production Line

The annual capacity of Neimeng biomass pellet production is 10,000t. Equipment needed in production involves horizontal feed shredders; three rotors hammer flakers, conveyors, silos, pellet mills, screeners and packing machines.

Production Process Biomass Salix Pellets Production Line

Biomass Pellets Production Line
Biomass Salix Pellets Production Line

Coarse Shredding. Shredders are used to cut Salix into pieces.

Fine Shredding. Crushed Salix is transported to three rotors hammer flakers by conveyors and are shredded to qualified sizes. The stone remover and the de-ironing separator can be used to firstly get rid of the impurities in the materials.

Pelleting materials after being dried are transported to the stirrer for proper moisture and steam. Then, materials are conveyed to the pellet mills. By high temperature extrusion, the materials come out of circular mould in the form of pellets. After being cooled and screened, pellets in qualified sizes fall into conveyers while unqualified pellets need to be pelletized.

Packing. Screened pellets are conveyed to packing machines for final packaging by belt conveyors. The whole biomass making line is all finished.

Technical Parameters of Biomass Salix Pellets Production Line

Specifications of Biomass Pellets 6 mm, 8 mm
Annual Capacity (t) 10,000
Raw Materials Salix
Required Area of Equipment Installation 500㎡
Required Height of Equipment Installation 6 m

Li Gong of Richi Machinery said: The raw materials of the biomass pellet plant are Salix, Caragana and other woods. The biomass pellets produced have very low harmful gas content when burned, and emit less harmful gases and are clean and hygienic. In addition, biomass particles have high combustion calories and low residues, and the burned furnace ash can be used directly as potash fertilizer.

Richi Machinery produces biomass pellet production line equipment of various yields, which can be pelletized according to different raw materials. The raw materials can be wood, sawdust, willow branches, peel, husk, straw, fiber, etc. If you want to know the price of biomass pellet machinery and equipment, please contact us!

The above is the article for you: Inner Mongolia 10,000 Tons/year Biomass Salix Pellet Production Line Project. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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