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In October 2020, Richi Machinery Delivered 12 Pellet Mills and Production Line Equipment to Customer

Date: 11/19/2020 10:35:23 From: Clicks:

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Drying drum delivery
Drying drum delivery

In October 2020, Richi Machinery delivered equipment to 12 customers from different countries. There are biomass pellet machinery, feed pellet machinery, and aquatic feed pellet extrusion equipment. The shipping countries include the United States, Uzbekistan, Feilubian, China, Algeria and many other countries and regions.

The equipment of Richi Machinery's 12 pellet plant projects has been loaded into trucks and delivered in batches to 10 countries/regions, achieving new breakthroughs in the sales of feed processing machinery and biomass pellet processing machinery products. For a long time, Rich Machinery has strict requirements on the packaging, protection, marking, and transportation of each batch of export equipment. The technical and production departments will make full preparations before shipment and formulate scientific and detailed packaging. The plan is to mark each item's packaging accordingly so that all items are clearly visible to ensure no omissions during delivery. Each component in the container has been firmly fixed and reliably protected to ensure that the product is in good condition during transportation.

Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos
Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos1
Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos
Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos2
Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos
Wood pellet machine equipment delivery photos3

Since 2020, Richi Machinery has overcome all the difficulties caused by the new coronavirus. The international business department has strengthened the close contact with customers in various ways. In response to the special requirements of local customers on product colors and configurations, it continues to communicate with the relevant departments of the company, and to the greatest extent possible innovative designs to meet customer needs. In the end, RICHI products met the individual needs of global customers with their outstanding product performance and special customized designs, and successfully won the recognition of the market and customers! At the same time, when the new crown virus in various countries continues, RICHI coordinated the production process and Arrange inventory.

High-quality products and perfect service are the cornerstones of Richi Machinery's strong growth. In the special period of popularity, we will continue to ensure product quality while continuing to pay attention to customer needs, and do our best to provide after-sales service to help customers at home and abroad to obtain higher profits.

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