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Richi Machinery Can Turn Coffee Grounds Waste Into Fuel Pellets and Fertilizer Pellets

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At least two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day on the planet, according to a study conducted all the way back in 2011, so the current number is likely to be much bigger. Excluding waste from the agricultural production segment and all the packaging, the amount is equivalent to six million tons of waste grounds. Numerous scientific institutions, civic organizations, and companies are starting projects for using the resource in line with circular economy standards.

Coffee Husk Grounds
Coffee Husk Grounds

Millions of tons of residue from espresso machines and Turkish coffee dregs end up in landfills, polluting the environment. Projects are springing up all over the world for the production of fuel and fertilizer from the overlooked commodity. The participation of restaurants and cafés and raising awareness among coffee lovers are crucial for the activity to become sustainable.

Pellets from used coffee have a high calorific value

Seventy cafés in Thessaloniki and Kilkis collect the coffee residue in plastic boxes that they get. The material is transported by an electric van to the Kilkis regional unit, where it is dried naturally. Then it is turned into pellets of a high calorific value for heating purposes in households and incineration in biomass-fueled boilers.

coffee husk grounds pellets
coffee husk grounds pellets

Coffee dregs are efficient in smaller quantities for fertilizing flowers, mushrooms and gardens and to repel parasites, or the residue can be composted. The organic waste harms the environment if it is disposed of in bulk, as it contains caffeine, tannins, and chlorogenic acid. Rich in nitrogen, it is a useful fertilizer for flowers, mushrooms, and vegetables. It prevents fungal infections and molds from forming and repels insects and snails. The pulverized remains can be composted with other food waste.

Biogas, biodiesel production

In another research, scientists found spent coffee grounds have a share of oil of 10% to 15% that can be turned into biodiesel. Just as other organic waste, the material can be processed to get biogas and reduce harmful methane emissions. The leftovers can again serve as fuel or fertilizer. Bio-bean from the United Kingdom is running one of the largest projects. The company recovers coffee residue to manufacture biodiesel and other products. Its plant has the capacity to cover one-tenth of the volume generated in the country.

On a more industrial level, Richi Machinery in Chinay has developed a coffee husk grounds pellet machine to turn used coffee grounds into an advanced biofuel, as well as biomass pellets. How to make coffee grounds into pellets?

How to Make Coffee Grounds Into Pellets?

Richi machinery produces coffee husk grounds pellet machine and complete large turnkey coffee husk/grounds pellet mill production line solution. Users who want to know can click the link to view.

coffee husk/coffee grounds pellet production line flowchart
coffee husk/coffee grounds pellet production line flowchart

①The raw materials are formed by the coffee husk crushing machine at one time, and then passed through the drum screen to separate a few large-size raw materials that are not suitable for pelletizing, and take uniform materials for processing in the next section.

②Enter the coffee husk dryer, where a single-layer tumble dryer is used.

③After drying, enter the high-efficiency pulverizer to further crush the coffee shell material to meet the granulation requirements.

④The coffee hull sawdust are fed into the machine-made pellets through the coffee husk pellet granulator. The host is a ring die saw pellet pelletizer. The dust generated during the coffee husk pelletizing process is produced and collected by the dust removal equipment.

Coffee husk/coffee grounds is pressed into pellets by a pellet machine
Coffee husk/coffee grounds is pressed into pellets by a pellet machine

⑤ After the pelleting section is completed, the temperature of the coffee husk pellets is relatively high, so they need to enter the counterflow cooler for normal temperature air cooling.

⑥The cooled coffee husk pellets enter the automatic packaging machine for quantitative packaging.

Main equipments needed to make coffee husk pellets

Ring die coffee husk pellet mills, high quality industrial coffee husk sawdust rotary dryer, biomass coffee husk hammer mill machine, coffee hull pellet cooling machine, coffee hull pellet packing machine, etc.

Advantages of Coffee Husk Pellets

1. Coffee hull pellets have a wide range of application like heating, cooking and industrial steam furnace or boiler.

2. The moisture content of pellets is substantially lower. Less moisture means that very little of the energy produced is needed to evaporate water. Compared with raw materials direct combustion, pellets can be burnt at high temperature with high combustion efficiency.

3. The pellet has a uniform size usually with diameter of 6-12mm and high density energy, which is ideal for automatic combustion heating systems such as pellet stoves and boilers.

4. The environment will benefit noticeably because the pellets combustion reduces the amount of burned residue in open spaces and consequently the pollution.

5. Coffee husk pellet compressed from coffee husk materials is cylindrical with uniform shape, which can improve ease of transportation and storage and lower the cost.

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