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How to Turn Agricultural Waste Residues Into Biomass Pellets?

Date: 02/19/2021 08:51:50 From: Clicks:

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Countries in Europe and Asia are increasingly relying on biofuel – products made from wood and plant residue – as an alternative to fossil fuels in power generation and home heating. The most common form is biopellets – small, finger-sized pellets produced by compacting waste material from the forestry industry and farming.

Agricultural Waste Residues
Agricultural Waste Residues

A recent discovery by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) could help hasten use of cheap and plentiful agricultural waste as the go-to material for producing this environmentally friendly energy source. Tumpa Sarker, a PhD candidate in USask’s department of chemical and biological engineering, has found that heating canola meal, canola hull, and oat hull before compressing it yields a higher quality pellet with lower moisture content and volume, and higher energy content and density. The resulting product has a heating value similar to coal, he found. Many farming byproducts are currently left in the field to rot. The resulting methane releases large amounts of greenhouse gas. Compacting plant material into small pellets increases its density up to 10 times, making it much more economical to transport and store.

Canada currently exports up to four million biopellets to Europe each year, the majority of which are manufactured using forestry byproducts. While some Saskatchewan companies use agricultural waste in animal feed, none are converting this material into biopellets. Richi Machinery, as one of China's well-known manufacturers of biomass pellet machinery and equipment, has new technologies to turn agricultural waste into biomass pellets. Moreover, Richi Machinery's wood pellet production line equipment is currently exported to 113 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Russia and other European countries. The world is hungry for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and increasing use of non-fossil fuels for generating power and heat. These pellets are a great solution. They have low net CO2 emissions. This could bring money for (agricultural) producers and generate local employment.

How to Make Agricultural Waste Residues Pellets?

(1) Fragmentation: Use a fragmentation machine to break the incoming agricultural waste residues into small pieces.

(2) Crushing: Use a agricultural waste residues crusher to crush the broken agricultural waste residues into small particles that meet the requirements.

hammer mill crusher
hammer mill crusher

(3) Drying: The crushed particles are dried. The average water content of the raw materials purchased in this project is about 20%, and it needs to be dried to 5% before production. The rotary drum drying machine is used in this project. Biomass hot air stove, the fuel is biomass pellets, and the temperature of the dryer is controlled at 150-250℃.

(4) Granulation: The dried granules are conveyed to the agricultural waste residues wood pellet mill pelletizer through the conveyor for granulation, and the finished product is made by extrusion molding. The extrusion process is a physical process without any adhesive and no chemical reaction.

agricultural waste residues pellet mill pelletizer
agricultural waste residues pellet mill pelletizer

(5) Inspection: The unformed or unqualified particles are screened out by the screening machine, and this part of the particles enters the crushing device to be reused without discharge.

(6) Packing and warehousing: the products that have passed the inspection are packed and put into the warehouse.

Advantages of Agricultural Waste Pellets

Agricultural Waste Pellets
Agricultural Waste Pellets

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