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Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher Wood Pellet Mill
Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher

Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher

Model: 9FB56

Capacity: 0.3-3t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Power: 22-93kw

Product Description

Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher drawing

Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher
Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher is mainly suitable for crushing lighter materials such as straw, husk and alfalfa, etc. Due to the special nature of the raw materials, the series of crushers have been specially designed with forced feeders, increased the crushing chamber, thus handling lighter alfalfa, grass, straw and etc. RICHI crushing machine is a fine-stage hammer mill with a hard surface material on the hammer head surface, which greatly prolongs the service life.Rotor motor and the mill installed in the same heavy-duty base,using the pin coupling direct transmission, rotor balancing efficacy through, the work can be positive and negative.


1. Special design for crushing grass, straw, etc light materials.

2. With force feeding part, and bigger crushing room.

3. Spindle speed: 2970r/min; Siemens motor, SKF bearings

4. The series is fine degree type hammer mill,mesh aperture 2.0-6.0mm is better;

5. Hammer's face hard surfacing materials,extended service life;

6. Rotor motor and the mill installed in the same heavy-duty base,using the pin coupling Direct transmission,rotor balancing efficacy through,the work can be positive and negative.

Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher Details
Straw/Alfalfa/Husk/Grass Crusher Details


Model 9FB56*40 9FB56*60 9FB56*80 9FB56*100 9FB56*120
Power 22kw 30/37kw 37kw 55kw 93kw
Capacity 0.3-0.8t/h 0.5-1.2t/h 0.6-1.5t/h 1-2t/h 1.5-3t/h

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