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Wood Pellet Mill Plant 1.8-2 Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Machine and line

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Now more and more countries are aware of the benefits of biomass pellets, and according to their country’s actual conditions, they come to Richi Machinery to order a biomass pellet machine or a biomass pellet production line. Recently Richi Machinery reached a cooperation with a customer in Canada. This customer purchased a 2 t/h wood pellet production line.His main raw material is saw dust and wood chip, the required capacity is 15 ton/shift 30 ton/day 2 shifts in day. He is the final user, the final wood pellet size be suitable to use in biomass burner and low cost as possible.

The 2 tons/hour wood pellet production equipment can be a wood pellet machine or a whole wood pellet production line. Richi Machinery’s engineers design schemes are also very flexible, designing suitable schemes according to the customer’s output, budget and floor space. The main equipment of the 2 tons/hour wood pellet production line includes chippers, hammer mills, dryers, pelletizers, coolers, packaging machines, etc. Each section can be adjusted according to customer needs. If the customer's raw material is wood chips, then the chipper can be omitted.

Wood Pellet Mill Plant 1.8-2 Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Machine
Wood Pellet Mill Plant 1.8-2 Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Machine

1.8-2 Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Making Process

The wood pellet making process involves different steps that ensure the production of quality wood pellets. Want to learn how wood pellet production process works? We have divided the whole process into sequential steps. Let’s go through each step to make it more understandable for you!

Selection of Raw Material

It is one of the most important steps. The raw material should have good quality. Its quantity depends on how many wood pellets you want to produce. If you are producing wood pellets for personal use, then you can use your farm waste to make pellets. If you want to make wood pellets on the commercial level or want to sell them in the market, then you can use wood waste obtained from numerous industries that supply wood residues. But this wood waste will not be enough if you have a large pellet production line and have to produce wood pellets in a very large amount. You will use wood or branches for large scale production of wood pellets.

Processing of Raw Material

In the next step, raw material will be processed. It will go through the following stages:

Sieving: If you doubt that your raw material will have contaminants like stone, plastic, or other particles then sieve the material to separate them.

Grinding: Material will be ground so that it has a very fine size that is needed for the production of good quality pellets. Wood chippers are used for this purpose.

Drying: Now the material will be dried so that extra water evaporates and only the needed amount is left behind. If raw material has more moisture content than the normal amount (8% to 10%), the wood pellets produced will not have high density and good quality. In this step, a dryer is used.

Formation of Pellets

Now comes another crucial step. Biomass pellet mills are used in this step to manufacture wood pellets from the processed raw material. The material will be passed through the machine which will compress it and form pellets of different lengths and diameter. Two types of pellet mills can be used in this step. One is a ring die pellet mill which is mostly used for large scale production. The other one is a flat die pellet mill which is commonly used for small scale production. You can use any of these machines depending on your needs.

Sieving and Packaging

Before packing the newly formed pellets, they are sieved to separate the fine particles from the pellets. Once a high-quality product is achieved, it is packed into containers or packets so that environmental factors like moisture, etc. do not have any effect on the pellets.

wood pellet production process
wood pellet production process

Canada 2-3 t/h Full Automatic Biomass Wood Pellet Line Case

The main raw material of the customer is wood chips with 50% moisture, and wood chips with 50% moisture need to be made into 6-12mm biomass wood pellets. In this 2 t/h Full Automatic Biomass Wood Pellet Line, the biggest problem is the workshop part. The customer has a very very special type of workshop and is very small. We need to customize the production line to suit the workshop production. To this end, our technical engineers provided design drawings, including workshop production line layout, basic drawings, steel structure installation drawings, equipment installation drawings and control cabinet drawings.

The user trusted our professionalism and paid directly online. After the production line is put into production, it can be used to produce biomass and wood particles of different sizes.

Application Of Wood Pellets

Home heating and cooking: wood pellets are used in specialized pellets stoves. Compared with coal and firewood, it has higher combustion ratio, easy to store and transport.

Industrial boiler: To reduce cost and air pollution, many factories adopts biomass industrial boilers to replace coal and heavy oil.

Electricity generation: wood pellets can serves as fuel for power plant. The heat value of 10 thousand tons of biomass fuel equals that of 8 thousand tons of standard coal. And the pollutant emission is much less.

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