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Richi Hemp Hay Grass Crusher And Pellet Mill Factory Direct Sales

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Did you know that hemp hay can be made into fuel pellets by a pellet machine? What we know most about hay and hemp pellets is that they can be made into animal feed pellets. What you may not know is that making fuel pellets also has great economic value. Hemp, hay and grass must use Hemp Hay Grass Crusher because of their longer fibers. If you want to pelletize, you need a Hemp Hay Grass Crusher pelletizer. Today we will talk about Hemp Hay Grass Crusher And Pellet Mill produced by Richi Machinery.

Difference Between The Pellets Produced By The Hay Grass Straw Pellet Machine And Wood Pellets
Difference Between The Pellets Produced By The Hay Grass Straw Pellet Machine And Wood Pellets

Production Process Of Hemp Hay Grass Pellets

Phase ‘A’: Crushing

The process of crushing is necessary because the dimension of the raw material has to be reduced. The raw material could be in two parts: round or rectangular bales. The cut product can be transported with normal transportation systems. Our commonly used crusher is a special crusher: straw/alfalfa/husk/grass crusher, which is equipped with forced feeding device, is mainly suitable for crushing lighter materials such as hemp, hay, straw, husk and alfalfa, etc.

Hemp Hay Grass Crusher
Hemp Hay Grass Crusher

Hemp Hay Grass Crusher Features

1.Special design for crushing grass, straw, etc light materials.

2.With force feeding part, and bigger crushing room.

3.Spindle speed: 2970r/min; Siemens motor, SKF bearings

4.The series is fine degree type hammer mill,mesh aperture 2.0-6.0mm is better;

5.Hammer's face hard surfacing materials,extended service life;

6.Rotor motor and the mill installed in the same heavy-duty base,using the pin coupling Direct transmission,rotor balancing efficacy through,the work can be positive and negative.

Hemp Hay Grass Crusher Parameters

Model 9FB56*40 9FB56*60 9FB56*80 9FB56*100 9FB56*120
Power 22kw 30/37kw 37kw 55kw 93kw
Capacity 0.3-0.8t/h 0.5-1.2t/h 0.6-1.5t/h 1-2t/h 1.5-3t/h

Phase ‘B’: Drying

The humidity percentage of the wood must be reduced from approx 80-90% to not more than 12-13%. The machine could be a rotary drum drier or a belt drier and has a burner that can be alimented with oil, gasoline, gas or wood.

Phase ‘C’: Refining

After drying a refiner mill, complete with aspiration unit, reduces the dimensions of the product and prepares it for pelleting.

The product is also cleared from any ferrous part.

Phase ‘D’: Mixing

A mixing silo make the product homogeneous and in this silo the product can be stocked.

Phase ’E’: Pelleting

The material is entering in the pellet mill passing through the conditioner. Because material such as hemp, hay, grass, and straw are relatively light, a pellet machine with a compulsory feeder is needed, which is what we call hemp pellet machine and grass/alfalfa pellet machine, which belong to the same equipment.

Hemp Hay Grass Pellet Mill
Hemp Hay Grass Pellet Mill

Hemp Hay Grass ellet Mill Parameter

Model MZLH320 MZLH350 MZLH420 MZLH520 MZLH768 MZLH858
Anti-caking Feeder Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.2KW 3KW 3KW
Forced Feeder Power 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.55KW 0.75KW 1KW 1KW
Capacity 600-800kg/h 800-1000kg/h 1.5-2t/h 3-4 t/h 5-7 t/h 8-10t/h
Pellet Machine Power 37kw 55kw 90kw 110/132kw 250/280kw 280kw
Final Pellet 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm 6-12mm

Phase ‘F’: Cooling

After pelleting, the product is very hot, therefore it’s necessary to cool the product at approximately +5°c in respect to the room temperature, in order give it the right hardness and the best consistence to store and handle it.

The machine is a counter current cooler complete with air aspiration line the recovery of dust.

Phase ‘G’: Sieving

In this phase the product is cleaned from the dust, which is brought back into the production cycle.

Phase ‘H’: Packaging

The pelleted product is conveyed to the silo for storage before delivery. It can be delivered in bulk, loaded on trucks or packed in sacks or big-bag. The machines for packaging could be manual, semi-automatic or automatic, based on the requested production.

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