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8000 Tons/year Rice Husk Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

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This project is located in Hunan, China. The husk produced by rice processing is extruded into a pellet fuel by a rice husk pellet machine. It is easy to store, transport, easy to use, without any harmful additives, high in combustion efficiency, clean and environmentally friendly, and can be used for civilian use , And can replace coal as fuel for industrial boilers. After the project is completed and put into production, it will solve the reuse of waste materials such as chaff waste, increase employment, protect the environment, and promote local economic development. It has good economic and social benefits.

1. Project Overview

The total investment of the project is 2 million RMB, and the construction scale is to produce 8,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel per year. The construction content of the project mainly includes the construction of production workshops, finished product workshops, and raw material storage yards. The main construction content is shown in Table 1

Project category Project content Remarks
Main project There are 1 production line, equipped with a pelletizer, with an annual output of 8,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel. 1 production workshop, covering an area of ​​2740m2. The total construction area is 1,637.64m2 Completed
Supporting project 400m2 production workshop, 2 finished product warehouses of 124.69m2, 3 raw material warehouses of 289.59m2, and office buildings of 823.36m2.
Public works Water supply The water used in the production process of this project is mainly the staff's domestic water, and the domestic water comes from local well-drilled water. Completed
Drainage The drainage system is rain and sewage diversion system. Completed
Power supply The power supply for the plant is supplied from the Longguangqiao Town Power Grid. Completed
Environmental protection project Wastewater treatment Grease trap, septic tank Completed
Exhaust gas treatment The dust generated in the production process is removed by a bag filter, and the cooking fume in the canteen is installed with a fume purifier. Completed
Noise control Take measures such as vibration reduction, absorption, isolation, and strengthening of greening. Completed
Solid waste disposal Domestic garbage is handed over to the sanitation department for regular cleanup Completed

2. Main Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Name Usage Material balance
Biomass pellet products Biomass pellet products Other losses
Rice Husk 800.1 tons/year 8000 0.08 0.02

3. List of Main Equipment of the Project

Name Unit Quantity
Pelletizer Number of units 4
Bag dust collector Number of units 1
Conveyor belt Article 2
Forklift Number of units 4
Weighbridge Number of units 1
Transformer Number of units 1

4. Product Plan

After the project is completed, it will produce 8,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel annually.

rice husk biomass pellet production line project
rice husk biomass pellet production line project

5. Factory Transportation

The main raw materials of the project are purchased and transported by social vehicles into the raw material warehouse of the factory. The roads in the factory are smooth, people and goods are separated to meet the transportation requirements. The raw materials enter the production line through the conveyor belt, and the products are all sold in the factory area by truck.

6. Public Works

Power supply: The power supply for the project is introduced from the Longguangqiao Town Power Grid in Heshan District, which can meet the power needs of the project for production and living. The annual electricity consumption is 300,000 Kwh.

Water supply: The water supply of the project uses local self-drilling well water.

Drainage: The drainage system of the project plant is divided into rain and sewage, and rainwater is collected by gravity and discharged into the surrounding drainage ditches. Waste water is staff office and domestic wastewater. Waste water discharge is calculated based on 80% of water consumption, and the discharge volume is 96m3/a. The domestic sewage of the project is treated by grease traps and septic tanks to reach the "Farmland Irrigation Water Quality Standard" (GB5084-92) and then used for irrigation and fertilization of surrounding farmland and vegetable fields.

rice husk biomass pellet production line project
rice husk biomass pellet production line project

7. Labor Quota and Work System

The project has a total labor force of 4, 300 working days throughout the year, and daily working hours are limited to 6:00-22:00.

Richi Machinery Biomass Pellet Production Line Project

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This is the situation of Hunan 8000 tons/year biomass rice husk pellet production line project. If you also want to build a biomass pellet plant or biomass pellet production line project, no matter what your raw materials are, Richi Machinery can customize a suitable solution for you. Program. Looking forward to your contacting us!

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