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German Customer Signed a New Order With Richi for 2-2.5t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

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On September 18,2020, we received 40% advance payment from German customers. The German customer ordered a fully automated 2-2.5t/h wood pellet production line. This production line includes high-performance wood pellet machines, wood hammer mill, dryers, coolers and screening equipment. After comparing the production capacity, product performance and comprehensive quotations of suppliers in many countries, German customers chose to cooperate with Richi Machinery, because Richi is specialized in the production of wood pellet machinery and equipment.

German Customer Signed a New Order With Richi for 2-2.5t/h Wood Pellet Production Line
German Customer Signed a New Order With Richi for 2-2.5t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

I.German wood pellet production hits record high

German customers have great economic and social benefits in investing in wood pellets. The demand for wood pellets in the German market is great. A recent survey found that:Wood pellet production in Germany reached a new high in the second quarter 2020, as bark beetle disease across Europe's forests made significant amounts of damaged timber available to the biomass industry.

Germany produced 760,000t of wood pellets in April-June, a rise of 2.4pc on the quarter and 11.9pc on the year, data from wood pellet industry association DEPV show. Pellet output surpassed the previous record of 742,000t, made in the first quarter.

Rising production in Germany is supported by an increase in pellet-fired boiler systems. Government subsidies and a ban on oil-fired heating due to come into force in 2026 are encouraging consumers to switch to renewable forms of domestic heating. Sales of pellet-fired boilers in Germany are rising, DEPV said. It predicts the number of pellet-fired installations will reach 1mn by 2030.

And a six-month value-added tax cut in Germany has reduced the cost of pellets for consumers.

II.Why choose 2-2.5 ton per hour renewable energy wood pellet plant?

Biomass pellets made of wood chips, straw, peanut shell etc. replacing the conventional source of energy like coal and oil, is widely used for heating in industrial production, institution, enterprise and public institution and urban resident, residential cooking, luxury fireplace and flue-cured tobacco for tobacco grower, also be widely used as the fuel in biomass electricity generation factory. The feedstock for the low investment high return wood pellet line is wood chips, straw, bagasse and other biomass residues. The finished pellet fuel, with large proportion, small size, high sustainable combustion, is easy to store and transport. The wide range and sustainability of material attract a growing number of people to start making biomass pellets for self-use or sale. As a result, the customized high quality wood pellet line became the preferred choice of people.

2-2.5t/h wood pellet production line flow chart
2-2.5t/h wood pellet production line flow chart

III.Biomass wood pellet manufacturing process

Raw material collection---material crushing---material drying---pelletizing---packing for sale

According to the different harvest time of crops, the material should be collected in quantity and timely, then crush and pellet the materials. When pelletizing, be careful not to pack the biomass wood pellets into bags immediately. Due to the principle of thermal expansion, the finished pellets should be cooled for 40 minutes to pack and transport.

(1)Crushing processing

The wood crusher machine in this wood pellet production process is equipped according to the specification of the raw material, you can choose the machine based on the type of material. Usually the machine includes professional manufactured wood chip for pellet plant,rotary cutter, hay cutter, multi-function crusher.

(2)Drying processing

The hot selling ce wood pellet mill is very strict for the moisture content of the particles before making pellets, the moisture had better ranges in 15%-20%. If the moisture is too high, the material should be dried. The material with high moisture is hard to be formed, so, the material moisture must be controlled well before pelletizing.

Drying machine
Drying machine

(3)Pelletizing processing

Pelletizing processing plays the most important role in the whole biomass pellet production line for wood pellets. Thus, this part requires more strictly, the conveying machine, stock bin, feeding machine are required to be unified with each other to get the best effect. CE high quality pellet line machine manufactured by RICHI, with high wood pellet production capacity, low abrasion, stable running, each performance getting the domestic leading level. With automatic lubricating system is equipped, the CE wood pellet machine for wood pellets is able to rotate for 24 hours continuously.

(4)Packing processing

The last processing is packing. For home use, the wood pellets can be stored dry place. For sale, the packing machine is suggested for packing.

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