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What is The Price of Wood Crusher And Wood Pellet Machine

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Wood crusher is a crushing mechanical equipment used to crush all kinds of waste wood. The wood pellet mill is a device that pellets the crushed wood chips. What is the price of wood crusher and wood pellet machine? We know that different production lines require different types of wood crushers and wood pellet machines. For wood crushers with different output power, their internal components are also different. Generally, the greater the output of wood crushers and wood pellet machine, the higher the cost of the components and the higher the price. On the contrary, the lower. For example, the price of a 10-ton wood crusher and wood pellet machine must be higher than 8 tons.

Wood Crusher And Wood Pellet Machine
Wood Crusher And Wood Pellet Machine

What should be noticed when choosing a wood crusher machine?

Selection tips:

According to your actual situation, choose to be driven by motor or diesel engine, and choose mobile wood shredder or fixed wood shredder.

According to the particle size of the product you want to process, choose a wood crusher that matches the line speed of the hammer.

If the speed of the hammer blade of the wood grinder is not suitable, it will reduce the working efficiency of the grinder and cause too long a crushing time, the material will be blocked in the crushing chamber, and the crushing particle size will be uneven.

The customer should choose a suitable wood shredder according to the output required by their production scale. The size of the shredder model determines the size of the output.

When our wood crusher equipment is put into operation for a period of time, the output of wood shredders will continue to decrease. Why?

Analysis of the Reasons Leading to the Decrease of the Output of Wood Crusher


1. The aperture size of the screen and the aperture size of the opening rate screen are an important factor for controlling the crushing particle size. When the particle size required for crushing is different, the mesh with different apertures should be replaced, otherwise it will reduce the efficiency of crushing or production Unqualified particles. On the other hand, the opening rate of the screen affects the filtering speed of the screen. When the opening rate is too small, the efficiency of the pulverizer will naturally decrease. Solution: replace the screen with appropriate aperture and opening ratio.

2. The feeding link is not smooth or the feeding is uneven. The feeding link is the beginning of crushing. If there is a problem in the feeding link, it will seriously affect the output of the crusher. Solution: If there is no impeller feeder, configure the feeder. If there is a feeder, you should check whether the feeder is blocked.

3. Hammer problem The hammer problem is mainly reflected in two points, one is the serious wear of the hammer, and the other is that the gap of the hammer is not suitable. The abrasion of the hammer will cause the wood shredder to crush the material normally; the gap between the hammers is not suitable, which will result in the output of the material that does not meet the standards, and repeated operations will reduce the output of the wood shredder by 2 times or more. Solution: Replace the hammer or adjust the angle. When the particle size after crushing is small, the distance between the hammers can be appropriately reduced. When the particle size is large, the distance between the hammers can be adjusted appropriately.

4. Fan configuration problem The rotor in the wood crusher will form a low-pressure area in the crushing chamber during the selection process. The material is not easy to fly out of the crushing chamber under the influence of atmospheric pressure. The purpose of configuring the fan is to manually increase the outside of the crushing chamber. In a low-pressure area, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the crushing chamber disappears, and the material discharge speed is naturally raised.

5. Blocking the discharge port The blocking of the discharge port will affect the discharge speed of the pulverizer, resulting in a decrease in output. Solution: Clean the discharge port and even the residual materials in the crushing chamber to ensure the smoothness of the whole crushing process.

6. The moisture of the material is too large. The moisture of the material will affect the efficiency of the wood grinder. Materials with too much moisture are not easy to be crushed, and it is easy to block the mesh of the screen, which seriously affects the output of the wood crusher. Solution: Dry or dry the material before crushing.

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