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Netherlands 1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key Price

Date: 09/16/2020 09:28:12 From: Clicks:

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As more and more countries attach importance to the environment, more and more national governments restrict the use of coal in industry. Many companies have to find cheap fuels that can replace coal, and biomass fuel is one of them. Biomass wood pellet fuel is environmentally friendly, cheap, and easy to transport, making it the fuel of choice for many companies. Therefore, in many countries, investing in wood pellets or biomass pellets has become a profit opportunity. I recently received a client from the Netherlands who wanted to invest in a 1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key project. The 1.5-ton wood pellet production line belongs to a small wood pellet production line, and it is also the output of the most cases made by Richi Machinery. Its price is also high and low in configuration. Let's take a look.

1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key Price
1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key Price

Netherlands 1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key

What is a turnkey project is that according to the company's budget, from the early stage of the drawing design, equipment production to the later stage of commissioning and operation and personnel training are completed by the pellet machine manufacturer. In this way, the purchaser can save a lot of energy and time costs. To be precise, professional things are left to professional people.

The main processing flow of 1-1.5t/h biomass pellet production line: raw material receiving and cleaning system, crushing,mixing, pelleting,dying,cooling, screening, packaging. This is just the general 1-1.5t/h biomass pellet process, according to different biomass types, different output configuration can be customized.The main equipment of a complete 1-1.5t/h biomass pellet processing plant includes hammer mill crusher, wood pellet making machine,wood mixing machine,counter-flow wood pellet cooler, wood chipper machine,box cylinder pulse dust remover, vibrating screen classifier,rotary dryer,automatic bagging system,electric control cabinet,etc.

Richi Machinery Wood Pellet Line Case

Richi Machinery, as a wood pellet machine manufacturer with 26 years of production experience in China, has exported our equipment to 103 countries around the world. Here are two 1-1.5 Ton/hour Wood Pellet Line Turn Key cases.

Richi Machinery Wood Pellet Line Case
Richi Machinery Wood Pellet Line Case

Taiwan 1-2 t/h Wood Biomass Pellet Production Line

Name: Wood Biomass Pellet Production Line

Country: Taiwan

Capacity: 1-2 t/h

Date: March 28th,2017

Installation cycle: 30 Days

Pellet Size: 6-12mm wood pellet

The 1-2t/h biomass wood pellet line in Taiwan is customized design, his materials is very special, very light and long, he use the wood waste from wood board's factory.. So for crusher part, we need to use special type hammer mill to reach the capacity. This line is mainly used for produce the biomass wood pellet.

Main Machines in this complete line:

1.Drum wood chipper*55KW ;

2.wood crusher*37kw;

3.pellet machine*110KW ;

4.cooling machine*SKLH11*11

5. packing machine and other auxiliary equipment.

Indonesia 1-1.5 t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

The Indonesia customer's main raw material is wood sawdust, and he wants to make 8 mm wood pellets. According to the customer's raw materials and output requirements, we customized a small-capacity wood chip production line for him, and the installation process was relatively smooth. RICHI Machinery provides detailed engineering flowcharts, installation drawings, foundation pit drawings and instructions.

Main Machines in this complete line

If you have requirements for various biomass pellet production lines, such as wood pellet production line, straw pellet production line, hay grass pellet production line, organic fertilizer pellet production line, etc., please contact us for free design and quotation!

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