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If you want to build a small biomass pellet plant production line

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If you want to build a small pellet factory production line, there are many issues you need to consider in the early stage. For example, what are your raw materials prepared for, what is the water content, what is the budget, and what is the hourly output of the pellet production line? What are the equipment included in the production line, which are the necessary equipment, and which are the optional equipment? How to choose a reliable pellet mill manufacturer?

Almost all kinds of biomass substance can be used to make biomass pellets including bamboo, palm fiber, bagasse, corn cobs, maize stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straw, rick husk, twigs, tree branches, bark, wood shavings, sawdust and so on. Compared with raw feedstock, biomass pellets have the properties of ecological and sustainable, higher energy dense and are easier and cleaner to use. All these advantages make biomass pellet fuel attractive and hot sale.

a small biomass pellet plant
a small biomass pellet plant

What do you need to consider before setting up a small biomass pellet production line?

1. You funds and budget: your budget determines the pellets production line scale. Sometimes you may want to set up a large scale one, but may not have enough funds. In this case, you can lower your capacity, or reduce some relatively unimportant equipment. It is not advised to replace the necessary equipment with low price and low quality ones, otherwise you will regret.

2. You workshop: in fact, the funds you have also determine your workshop size. The more funds you have, the larger workshop you can build. If you do not have workshop, you’d better build it near your raw material. This can save you a lot of raw material transportation cost. If you already have your own workshop, you shall tell us your workshop height, width and length, so that we can design the pellets production line depending on your workshop size. Otherwise your workshop may not be enough to place the equipments.

Why Choose Small Pellet Plant Production Line?

Small pellet plant refers to the complete pellet plant has capacity range from 200kg/h to 1000kg/h. As for the application, small pellet plant is used to make wood pellets or animal feed pellets. Generally, small pellet mill is the main equipment of small pellet plant, and flat die pellet mill and small ring die pellet mill are both available.

As well all know, small pellet mill is an ideal choice for home use. When do you choose small pellet plant instead of small pellet mill? If you just need a pellet machine for making full use of daily wastes and make biomass pellet for home use, small pellet mill will be more suitable. However, small pellet plant is designed for ones who have requirement on building a pelletizing plant with capacity between 50kg/h to 1100kg/h, or small pellet making factories on a tiny budget.

Mobile pellet plant is designed for pellet production with the delicate structure design. The necessary processing equipment is arranged in one piece of complete plant. Mobile pellet plant is more suitable for who has high requirement on automation. Small pellet plant is more flexible to group different equipment according to unique needs.

The main difference between small pellet plant and large-scale pellet plant is the capacity. Complete pellet plant’s capacity reach 1-20 ton, it is applicable for large-scale pelletizing factory. However, small pellet plant is used to small-scale pellet production.

Biomass pellet machine
Biomass pellet machine

How to Manufacture Biomass Pellet plant?

1. Raw material crushing: usually wood chips, logs or timber, etc. must be crushed before pelletization. The reason is that these wood raw materials are large pieces and can’t be pelletized directly. This process will need wood chipper and hammer mill.

2. Crushed material sieving: sometimes the raw materials have impurities like stones or metal scraps. These impurities will destroy the pellet mill. So they shall be sieved.

3. Drying: the sawdust usually contain much water. In this case, the dryer is indispensable. For capacity below 1ton/h, air flow dryer is enough. But for large capacity, drum dryer is good help.

4. Wood pellets production: the wood pellet mill also has different capacities. 50-500kg/h, use flat die pellet mill; >500kg/h, use ring die pellet mill or multiple sets of flat die pellet mill.

5. Pellets cooling and sieving: the pellets have high temperature when produced by the pellet mill; as a result, a cooler is needed to cool the pellets. Besides, the counter flow cooler can also sieve the broken pellets or raw material powder to get good quality pellets.

6. Pellet packing: to pack the wood pellets in bags will make them easy to store, transport and sell. They can be packed into small bags and large bags.

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