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Can Waste Tire Textile Fibres Be Made Into Pellets?

Date: 10/19/2020 08:35:22 From: Clicks:

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As a sub-product in the treatment process of End of Life Tires (ELTs), Waste Tire Textile Fibers (WTTFs) are hazardous waste materials that are traditionally buried or burned as opposed to the international laws. If there is a way to recycle waste Tire fiber will greatly improve the recycling of waste tires and reduce resource waste. Can waste tire textile fibres be made into pellets? Of course, there are already successful cases where waste tire fibers and waste tire cord can be made into biomass pellets. I have introduced waste tire textile cord pellet plant production line before. The required equipment is waste tire textile cord pellet machine and waste tire pellet production line equipment.

Composition of used tires
Composition of used tires

The management of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) is regulated by several national and international legislations aiming to promote the recovery of materials and energy from this waste. The three main materials used in tyres are considered:

1.rubber (main product), which is currently reused in other closed-loop applications;

2.steel, which is used for the production of virgin materials;

3. textile fibres (approximately 10% by weight of ELTs), which are mainly incinerated for energy recovery (open-loop scenario).

Richi Machinery has successfully developed Waste tire textile cord pellet machine and put it into actual projects. Below we introduce the Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line.

Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line

Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line
Poland 2-3 t/h Waste Tire Fiber Pellet plant Production Line

The customer’s main raw material is waste tire fiber, which is different from other biomass raw materials. We have not done similar cases before. Our biomass pellet machine is a magical equipment. We analyzed the raw materials, the moisture content and other parameters of our customers, and concluded that our pellet machine can produce this kind of waste tire fiber pellets. For this reason, our technical team adjusted several different design schemes according to the customer's raw materials, and finally the customer chose us from several other suppliers. The customer cooperated with us in 2019, and now it has been successfully installed and put into operation, and the feedback effect is very good.

From a technological point of view, the tyre textile fibres could be a promising substitute to the reinforcement cellulose commonly used in asphalts as long as the fibres are properly prepared (compaction and pellet production) for application in the standard bituminous conglomerate production process. If you have biomass raw materials and want to make pellets, please contact us!

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