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Rice Husk Can Be Used As A Solution For Fuel Pellets

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Rice husk, the hard, outermost layer of rice grains that is separated during the milling process, is an abundant biomass that can be used to produce renewable energy. About 150 million tons of rice husks are generated annually in rice growing regions of South America, India, China, and Southeast Asia. It is considered a waste material and is often burned in fields or dumped in landfills or rivers, causing air and water pollution. The open burning of rice husks results in the loss of energy equivalent to millions of barrels of oil to the atmosphere and in the emission of greenhouse gases and air pollution. How to make full use of rice husks and turn “wastes” into wealth is a great mission for us.

Rice Husk

Paddy rice husk properties

Paddy rice husk consists of inner and outer glume, with the length of 2.5- 5mm, or 5- 10 mm, with the thickness of 25 -30 um, with the color of golden yellow, tawny or brownish red hue. Rice husks has rich crude fiber content, lingnocellulos and cellulose 40%, and five-carbon sugar polymers, also named as hemicelluloses 5%. The bulk density of rice husk is 96-160kg/m³, which will be higher after crushing.

Typical rice husk properties analysis

Typical rice husk properties analysis

Rice husk pellets for fuel

Rice husks is just like woods, which is a good materials for fuel pellets production after comparing their components in the above forms. Now we need to know how to make rice husk pellets. sually, in an entire rice husk pellet production line the following equipment are involved:

Notice: In the processing of rice husk pellet, binders are recommended, such as, saw dusts. During pelletizing, the lignin in saw dusts will be melted under the high temperature in the pellet mill and the melted lignin will work as a binder to help the formation of rice husk pellet.

Rice Husk Pellet Mill
Rice Husk Pellet Mill

Advantages of rice husk pellet fuel

1.Environmental friendly

The nitrogen, sulpher and ash content in rice husk pellets is much lower than coals and oils. With no carbon or smoke emission, biomass fuel is known as “green coal”.

2.Low cost and high added value

High heat value and combustion efficiency make biomass fuel a popular energy, which has gained vast market place and government support.

3.Storage and transportation convenience

It is convenient to process, store and transport biomass pellet fuel because of their small volume and large density.

4.Energy saving

Rice husk pellets are ideal fuel owing to their high volatile content and carbon activity. The burn-off rate is more than 98%, with little ash or waste heat.

5.Simple production process

Rice husk pellets are processed by one time molding, dispense of any binder or other chemicals.

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