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Drum Wood Chipper Wood Pellet Mill
Drum Wood Chipper

Drum Wood Chipper

Model: Drum Wood Chipper

Capacity: 3-18 t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Weigh: 2990-7000kg

Product Description

Drum Wood Chipper is a special equipment for the production of wood chips. It is widely used in particle board factory, medium and high density fiberboard factory, straw factory, bio power plant, wood chip factory and other industries and manufacturer in the production of the preferred equipment before the preparation section.

Drum chipper hydraulic system: supplied by the oil pump to the oil cylinder, the cover can be activated to facilitate blade replacement; the upper feeding roller assembly can be raised during maintenance to facilitate adjustment of the gap between the flying knife and the bottom knife and the comb plate. Disassembly.

The drum chipper produced by Richi Machinery has an advanced structure, high quality cutting chips, wide raw material adaptability, and convenient operation and maintenance. The main raw materials for cutting are small-diameter wood, timber harvesting, processing residues (Such as branches, slabs, crusts, log cores, waste veneers, etc.), and can also be used to cut non-wood raw materials (such as sugar cane, reeds, moso bamboo) Wait).

Drum Wood Chipper drawing

Drum Wood Chipper

The drum wood chipper is composed of a body, a knife roller, an upper and lower feeding roller, a conveyor belt, and a hydraulic system. The body is welded with high-strength steel plates, which is the supporting foundation of the entire machine. Two or three or four flying knives are installed on the knife roller, and the flying knife is fixed on the knife roller by a professional flying knife bolt through a pressure block. Depending on the thickness of the material being cut, the upper feed roller assembly can float up and down within a certain range by means of a hydraulic system. The cut qualified pieces fall through the screen holes and are discharged from the bottom. Large pieces will be cut in the machine.


1. this wood chipper has the advantages of compact structure ,high efficiency, easy to operate.

2. the main parts of this machine is rack, cutter, feed port, encloser, electronic system.

3. in order to meet the different requirements of the paper making, fiber board, Particle board industries ,the final wood chips length can be adjusted.

Drum Wood Chipper Details
Drum Wood Chipper Details


Model W-Drum-215 W-Drum-216 W-Drum-218
Feeding Size(mm) 160*400 230*590 300*680
Number of blade (pic) 2 2 2
Rotated Speed (r/min) 590 590 650
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 8-10 14-18
Main Motor Power(kw) 4-45 4-55 4-110
Feeder Power(kw) (2.2-3)*2 (3-4) *2 (4-5.5) *2
Oil Pump Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Transportation Power(kw) 3 3 4
Weight(kg) 2990 5030 7000
Dimension(mm) 1470*1550*970 1800*1900*1210 2200*2150*1500

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