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1,000 Mu of Ecological Forage Grass Planting and Forage Grass Pellet Production Line Project

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If you want to better develop feed breeding projects, one must have its own supply of raw materials, such as forage grass planting; the other is to process fresh forage grass into feed pellets, so that animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and fish have good palatability and comprehensive nutrition. Moreover, the storage time is long, and it is not easy to cause waste. Today, I will introduce the 1,000-mu ecological forage planting and forage grass pellet production line project.

Forage Grass Planting

I. Project Introduction

II. Project Overview

Integrate the scattered land resources of existing poor households in Liusan Town, and introduce Hechi State-owned Assets Investment and Operation Co., Ltd. to invest in planting 1,000 mu of forage grass and build a forage feed processing plant in Liusanjie Town. The project drives 18 in the town More than 800 poor households in the village (community) develop industries to get rid of poverty and become rich, fully implement the rural revitalization strategy proposed by the Party Central Committee, and strive to build a demonstration project base for poverty alleviation industries in non-poverty counties in the region.

Total project investment and planned capital introduction: The total investment is 45 million RMB, and 45 million RMB is planned to be introduced.

III. Project Economic Benefit Analysis

Forage planting and deep processing of forage feed are in line with the requirements of national industrial policies, in line with the development direction of the agricultural industry in Liu Sanjie Town, Yizhou District, and more in line with the exploration direction of the future development of agricultural products in Hechi. The advancement of this project can improve the efficiency of forage planting, provide resource utilization, reduce resource waste and loss, while not polluting the environment, will produce good economic and social benefits, and effectively promote the industrial development of forage planting in Yizhou District and Hechi City , To achieve a win-win situation of increasing farmers’ income, fiscal growth, and corporate profitability. After the project is completed and put into production, more than 800 new jobs will be directly created, 20,000 tons of forage will be purchased from farmers each year (according to the contract 500 RMB/ton), and the total output value of processed feed products will be about 140 million RMB, which will effectively promote the increase of local poor farmers’ income. Speeding up farmers' poverty alleviation and becoming prosperous to a well-off society has played an important role in promoting. It is not only a project with good economic benefits, but also a project with significant ecological benefits.

Pasture pellet production project
Pasture pellet production project

IV. Forage Grass Feed Pellet Production Line Process

1. Crush the forage grass into powders with a hammer mill. For making pellets, the size of raw materials should be 3-5mm. If the forage grasss are too large to feed into the hammer mill, you need a feed grinder to reduce the length to under 10mm.

2. Dry the forage grass powders. For making pellets, the moisture content should be 14%-20%. forage grass, especially fresh forage grass, usually contains high moisture content. They need to be dried by an airflow dryer. Also, you can dry the uncrushed forage grasss by spreading them on the floor.

3. Make forage grass pellets with a forage grass pellet machine. Feed the forage grass powders into the pellet machine hopper. The high pressure and temperature will mold the powders into high-density solid pellets. You can add some additives or mix it with other biomass materials to improve the molding rate or nutrition content.

4. Cool down the pellets with a counterflow cooler. The pellets are hot(about 85℃) when they come out from the pellet machine. A counterflow cooler can lower the pellets temperature to 35℃, and increase their hardness at the same time.

5. The cooled pellets can be packaged into bags for storage, transportation and selling.

Conditions and progress of the project: 1. Hechi State-owned Assets Investment and Operation Co., Ltd. has completed the prospectus and sub-projects of Hechi Agricultural Investment Co., Ltd. (2000 mu of forage grass planting and 30,000 tons of forage grass feed deep processing project) calculation and Design and planning; 2. The Party Committee of Liusanjie Town, Yizhou District has begun to reserve land and carry out a mobilization promotion plan.

4. Industrial background and advantages: Hechi City belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate zone, with a mild climate, sufficient sunlight and rainfall, which is more suitable for forage planting. Among them, Yizhou has a relatively large area of ​​sloping land and sloping farmland, which is one of the five counties with the largest land area in our district. With the implementation of the project of returning farmland to forest, coupled with strong government support, especially the brand influence of the world’s longevity township, The demand for organic specialty agricultural products in Hechi City has increased. In the future, the planting area of ​​forage grass will be greatly increased. Forage grass can be directly fed to cattle, sheep, etc., and the processed ecological feed products are directly fed to pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, etc., which are widely used. The forage planting environment is not strict, and it can be harvested continuously for many years after planting once. The economic benefits are continuous and stable, the care cost is low, the technical requirements are not high, and it meets the needs of rural development. Combining the project of breeding ground chickens under grass, 1 mu of land investment can be obtained. Economic benefits of 2 mu of land. Yizhou District has obvious advantages in transportation and land. Farmers have high awareness and popularization is easy to accept. The important thing is not to occupy the land of farmers’ main cash crops. Investment companies only need to invest in forage grass seed funds and plant equipment costs. The investment cost is low, and the processing plant located in Liu Sanjie Town can fully guarantee the supply of raw materials.

Obvious industrial advantages: With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for agricultural products also tend to be green foods and longevity foods. forage grass planting is easy to promote, and one grass produces multiple products, which is in line with the agricultural industry positioning of Hechi. And forage feed processing projects have strong vitality and immeasurable market space.

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