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Feasibility Analysis Of Making Pellets From Cow Dung

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Cow dung is a source of producing organic fetilisers. It is rich in mineral element and nutrients, and the organic matter is as high as chicken manure. Although its mineral element and nutrients are less than other animal manures, the high cattle litter production makes these elements and nutrients higher. By using our cow manure fertilizer pellet machine, the products will be better for whether the plants or the soil. What’s more, this pellet mill can help you handle the plenty of cow poo and bring you great economic effectiveness in fertilizer production.

Feasibility Analysis Of Making Pellets From Cow Dung
Feasibility Analysis Of Making Pellets From Cow Dung

Why Recycle the Waste Cow Dung into Fuel Pellets?

In fact, the cow dung is a valuable resource for people in pellets production field. You might wonder why people would pelletize the cow manure, two very good reasons drive their utilization. First, cow manure is generally considered as a renewable energy source and it can be burned as “green power,” thus reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. Second, some cities and regions have limited landfills or waste treatment capacity, and recycling the waste can reduce the load on their waste disposal facilities. Another benefit from pelletizing these waste products is the tax credits for using renewable energy sources and good public relations karma. Still another benefit is that recycling the cow dung can prevent its decomposition into methane, a greenhouse gas that is much worse for the environment than carbon dioxide. Therefore, recycling the waste cow dung into fuel pellets is not only the perfect solution to the disposal of waste cow manure, but another profit for the farmers. And most importantly, the cow dung fuel pellet is a kind of clean and renewable energy source, and it can completely replace the coal, oil, natural gas, etc.

How to Make the Cow Dung Fuel Pellets?

1. Cow dung drying: different from making other biomass fuel pellets, the first step for making cow manure fuel pellets would be drying. Because there is too much water contained in the cow manure. If crush the cow manure first, the too wet manure may probably block the crushing machine. After drying, the moisture of mature is decreased to below 15%.

2. Manure crushing: after drying, the manure will become loose and can be processed by the crushing machine. The crushing machine will pulverize the cow dung into powder with the diameter of 2-5mm.

3. Manure pelletizing: when the manure powder is fed into the manure pellet machine, it will be pressed by the great pressure inside the pellet machine. Then manure fuel pellets are made. Ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill are available for your selection. Whether to choose the small one or large one depends on your own needs.

4. Pellets cooling: cow dung fuel pellets discharged from the pellet mill are high in temperature and moisture content, then goes the cooling step. After that, the pellets can be burned in the boiler, or used as fertilizer in soil. The pellets can also be sieved when cooling, so that poor quality pellets and powder materials will be collected and reproduced.

5. Pellets packaging: once the cow dung fuel pellets are formed and cooled, they can be packaged in bags or stored in bulk.

How to Make the Cow Dung Fuel Pellets
How to Make the Cow Dung Fuel Pellets

What is the Advantages of Cow Dung Fuel Pellets?

1. Low cost & high additional value

The fuel pellets are high in calorific value, and the cost of using is much less than that of oil energy. The ash after burning contains magnesium, potassium and sodium, which makes it be a superior inorganic fertilizer.

2. High bulk density, convenient transportation

After pelletizing, the density of cow dung pellets is greatly increased, more than 0.8-1.3. Small volume, large specific gravity and density, convenient to store and transport, and continuous usage.

3. Green energy, clean and environment protection

Cow dung fuel pellet is a kind of green energy. There is no smoke, smell and harmful gas generated when burning the pellets. After testing, sulphur content, ash content, and nitrogen content are far less than that of coal, oil, etc. Therefore, the cow dung fuel pellets are also called zero emission energy.

4. High efficiency & energy saving

It is also high in carbon activity and volatile matter, ash content is only 1/20 of coal. And the waste heat in ash is extremely low, the combustion ratio can reach up to more than 98%, therefore, the burning time is longer.

5. Wide application, strong practicality

The cow dung fuel pellets can be widely applied to industrial and agricultural production, electricity generation, heat supply, boiler firing, cooking, etc. Raw materials supply is not restricted by area, particularly suitable for the energy lacking areas.

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