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Use grass as raw material to make fuel pellets

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A customer from Malawi called to consult: "Kindly give me a quote for one piece of the grass pellet machine. I am looking for a small scale pilot size unit to make fuel pellets for cooking meals. Using grass as the raw material please advise what you can offer." yeah, We can provide grass pellet machine. There are a lot of clients asking about this question: can I make my lawn grass into pellets? Can I burn them for home heating? Grass is a kind of fine material for making pellets.

Grass As Raw Material

Generally speaking, grass is divided into dry grass and green grass. Our common grass is generally used as silage for animals, of course, it can also be made into fuel pellets. Hay is more suitable for making fuel pellets. Of course, green grass can also be used. The water needs to be removed first, and some can be dried before pelleting.

grass as raw material
grass as raw material

How To Make Grass Pellets For Fuel

For making grass pellets for fuel, the farmer requires a complete pellet plant for this procedure. Freshly harvested grass is turned into pellets by undergoing the following procedure:

First the grass is dried. Fresh grass contains a lot of moisture. Its moisture content is 75%. However, for pellet production the moisture content has to be 10%. Hence, the grass has to be dried. It is dried by leaving it under the sun for an hour or two.

The dry grass is crushed. The grass is usually 3 meters tall and cannot be handled while that tall. It has to be crushed into smaller sizes no longer than the hole diameter of pellet mills. The grass is crushed using a cutting machine or using a farm knife to cut it into smaller pieces manually. If the grass is a lot simply use the crushing machine which makes the work easier and faster.

Pelleting. This is entirely done by the pellet mills. The farmer fills the crushed grass into the pellet mill. The pellet mill then mixes the crushed grass and molds it into small pellets. The better the pellet mill, the better the pellets. So when purchasing a pellet mill looks out for quality. It is advisable to purchase pellet mills from known brands and one that has a proven track record of making quality grass pellets.

Forage Grass Pellet Machine
Forage Grass Pellet Machine

Cooling the pellets. The pelleting process is exothermic. It involves a lot of friction hence producing a lot of heat. Hence, the produced pellets are hot and soft. The pellets need to be cooled in order to harden; this increases their durability. Running cold water over the pellets cools them. Simply place the pellets in a container and run cold tap water to cool them.

Packaging and storage. After cooling, the farmer can put the pellets in bags then store in a cool and dry place. The pellets are high density hence making storage and transportation easy.

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Advantages Of Grass Fuel Pellets

Advantages of grass fuel pellets
Advantages of grass fuel pellets
How To Make 1000 Tons/year Of Grass Into Pellets?

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