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Equipment That Can Make Wood Pellets from Recycled Old Wood Furniture

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Equipment That Can Make Wood Pellets from Recycled Old Wood Furniture

Recycled Old Wooden Furniture and timber can be converted into mulch or animal bedding, yet broken or damaged wooden pallets often end up in landfill.

I recently received an inquiry from an Armenian client: "Dear Sir, I am interested in a wood pellet line that could recycle old wooden (or laminate) furniture into pellet. Please advise if you have such kind of equipment/line, if yes provide with their specifications and preliminary ex works prices. Best regards, Gayane"

Recycled Old Wood Furniture
Recycled Old Wood Furniture

The Benefits Of Recycling

Recycling old wooden furniture and timber saves unnecessary logging of our forests, conserving a valuable living resource. By removing used old wooden furniture from going into the waste bin your business could benefit from a reduced total waste disposal charge. Your business may also be able to reuse the material or sell the better pieces of this salvaged timber.

We can be recycled and processed into wood pellets using either a flat die or ring die pellet mill.

From The Wood Shredder To The Hammer Mill

Once the Old Wood Furniture have been processed via a shredder and the metal nails removed, the material then needs to be processed by a hammer mill. The shredded wood is in particles several inches long (50-100mm). Before the material can be used in the pellet mill to make wood pellets it needs to be reduced consistently to 5mm particles. Therefore, the shredded wood is processed via a hammer mill with a 5mm screen fitted. Essentially, whatever size of wood pellet you wish to produce you use a screen size which is slightly smaller. So, to make 6mm wood pellets, a 5mm hammer mill screen size is used.

Metal screening is also important to protect the hammer mill. Metal entering the hammer mill may puncher the screen reducing particle size screening efficiency. It may also spark and ignite dust particles which can lead to a dust explosion.

The Benefits of Old Wood Furniture and Moisture Content

Going from a chipper or shredder then on to a hammer mill is similar to the process of making wood pellets from logs. However, the big difference between logs and wood pallets is moisture content. With logs from a recently cut down tree (virgin timber), they will contain a moisture content around 50%. When it comes to making wood pellets, you want a moisture content below 15%.

The Benefits of Old Wood Furniture and Moisture Content
The Benefits of Old Wood Furniture and Moisture Content

So with logs, the pellet making process has to involve some form of drying process. However, Old Wood Furniture are a source of dry timber. Therefore, the drying process of a pellet making set up can often be avoided. The cost per tonne when making wood pellets from pallets is less than making wood pellets from virgin timber logs. Not only from the fact you do not need to purchase a dryer, but you also don’t have to cover the costs of running that material dryer.

Final Metal Screening Before The Pellet Mill

As stated above, metal contamination can cause serious damage to the pellet mill. Therefore to be extra safe it’s sensible to fit another electromagnet on the material conveyor before it enters the pellet mill. The additional cost of this electromagnet will easily be recovered by avoiding pellet mill downtime and damage to the rollers and die.

Avoid Using Old Wood Furniture Which Have Been Treated

Presuming the issue of metal contamination can be resolved there is still the issue of treated wood. As the pallets are often left outside various chemicals are sometimes used to try and preserve the wood. Wood fuel pellets with these chemicals will not pass any accredited standards and you could get in a lot of trouble for selling them.

Conclusions On Making Wood Pellets From Old Wood Furniture

If the issue of metal contamination can be resolved and only nontreated Old Wood Furniture are used it is potentially a suitable material for fuel pellets. Old Wood Furniture are appealing as a source of dry wood waste for wood pellet production as dry/nontreated waste wood is becoming harder and harder to source.

Old Wood Furniture pellet
Old Wood Furniture pellet

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