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Pellet Machine Converts Bagasse Into Biomass Fuel Pellets

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Sugarcane produces mainly two types of biomass, Cane Trash and Bagasse. Cane Trash is the field residue remaining after harvesting the Cane stalk and Bagasse is the milling by-product which remains after extracting sugar from the stalk. The potential energy value of these residues has traditionally been ignored by policy-makers and masses in developing countries. However, with rising fossil fuel prices and dwindling firewood supplies, this material is increasingly viewed as a valuable renewable energy resource.

Pellet Machine Converts Bagasse Into Biomass Fuel Pellets

Bagasse contains mainly cellulose, hemi cellulose, pentosans, lignin, sugars, wax, and minerals. The quantity obtained varies from 22 to 36% on sugarcane and is mainly due to the fibre portion in the sugarcane and the cleanliness of sugarcane supplied, which, in turn, depends on harvesting practices.

Pellet Machine Converts Bagasse Into Biomass Fuel Pellets

  1. Grinding: Grinding the raw material to powder with granularity of 3-5mm.
  2. Drying: The moisture of fresh sugarcane bagasse is about 48~50%, ensure the moisture of bagasse are dried down to 10-12% to solidify the bagasse.
  3. Pelletizing: The bagasse powder materials were feed into your pellet mill, they will be compressed into pellets by the movement of a die and a set of rollers inside the mill.
  4. Cooling: This unit can save the floor space and the processing time. Cooling the pellets can make them more convenient to package and transport.
  5. Packaging: After cooling, the pellets can be packaged by packaging machine, which make it easier for storage and transportation.

Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Mill
Sugarcane Bagasse Pellet Mill

Quality of produced bagasse pellets

With changeable customized size, produced bagasse pellets have low moisture and high calorific value. Little ash and zero SO2 content makes them free from pollution.

Moisture Ash Calorific value Size SO2
12% 14% 4600kcal/kg 6,8,10,12…mm 0%

Although the above characteristics are very important, making sugarcane bagasse into wood pellets is not just for heat value increasing and environmental pollution reducing. It should also meet the requirements of application, transportation and storage. Therefore, apart from combustion features, density and durability become two vital indicators to measure the quality of produced bagasse pellets.

1. Density: The density of produced bagasse pellets is high because their inner porosities are reduced to the minimum by appropriate compressing time as well as properly enhanced pressure and temperature.

2. Durability: Durability reflects the adhesive property of a certain substance, refining in deformation resistance, shatter resistance, water resistance, etc. Appropriate heating temperature, low moisture content, proper molding pressure and high density contribute to excellent aging quality of produced bagasse pellets.

Application of produced bagasse pellets

1. Industrial boiler: Produced bagasse pellets can be used as fuel to supply energy for power station, paper mill, fertilizer factory, etc.

2. Home warming: Development of wood pellets manufacturing improves the shortage situation of civil heating resources, enabling people to own a cozy warm environment in winter.

3. Animal feed: With the help of a feed pellet mill, bagasse pellets can be used to feed horse, cattle, dairy, etc.

4. Animal bedding: Produced bagasse pellets can also be used as animal bedding to provide your pets or poultry with a cozy and clean home.

How to Make Sugarcane Bagasse Pellets

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