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Rotary Screener Wood Pellet Mill
Rotary Screener

Rotary Screener

Model: SFJH Series

Capacity: 3-20t/h

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Applies to the grading and secondary circulation grinding process for pellet and crumbled pellet.

Product Description

Henan RICHI Machinery Rotary Screener Factory direct sales‎,is mainly used for raw material pre-cleaning or grading in industries like milling, feeding,chemical,food, oil, etc. It can clean up wheat, corn, rice, oilseeds and other granular materials by replacing the sieves of different apertures.

In addition, they can also be widely used for screening and grading of feedstuffs and finished products in cereal and food processing, chemical engineering, sugar engineering, mining and paperproduction industries.

Rotary Screener drawing

Rotary Screener

working principle:

The power is transmitted from the motor to the driving device through the triangle belt, and the driving device then drives the screen body with a certain slope. The driving device is provided with an eccentric device, so the trajectory of the screen body from the feeding end to the discharging end gradually changes from horizontal circular motion to elliptical motion, and finally becomes approximately reciprocating linear motion. The material enters the sieve body from the feed port, and it is quickly and evenly distributed across the width of the sieve surface under the action of the circular motion of the feed end of the sieve body, and automatic classification is generated. Therefore, the material with the smaller particle size under the material layer is quickly screened, while the material with the larger particle size above moves along the oblique surface of the screen body to the lower end (discharge end).


1. Use of v-belt transmission focus on blancing body and tail of the elastic suppot, material in horizontal work surface rotary motion, high flitering accuracy, small vibration.

2. Without oil lubrication to avoid leaking.

3. Applies to the pellet, crushing pellet and secondary circulation grinding process.

4. Streamline design within the outlet, do not make the material deposited, avoiding cross-contamination.

5. Be able to customized single-layer screen and dual-screen, three-storey screen and two-layer sieving double feeding according to the required.

6. Pressure screening agency firm, rapid screening.

SFJH Rota-Shake Sifter Details
Rotary Screener Details


Model SFJH80*1c SFJH80*2c SFJH100*1c SFJH100*2c SFJH125*2c SFJH125*3c SFJH150*2c
Power 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 4kw 4kw 5.5kw
Capacity 3-6t/h 3-6t/h 4-8t/h 4-8t/h 8-15t/h 8-15t/h 15-20t/h

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