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The Latest Introduction of Biomass Wood Pellet Machine in 2020

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In 2020, biomass wood pellets will remain the darling of the fuel market. Compared with fossil fuels, biomass wood pellet fuel is cleaner and environmentally friendly, and the price is more acceptable. We all know that wood chips and biomass pellets are pressed by pellet machine. Do you know all about wood pellet machine in 2020? The following is the latest introduction of biomass pellet machine.

Biomass Wood Pellet Machine in 2020
Biomass Wood Pellet Machine in 2020


Pellet making technology is not specially designed for biomass pellet manufacture. It has been widely applied in many different industries, such as animal feed industry, biomass energy industry, paper making industry, etc. Based on the different end products, there are animal feed pellet making machine, wood pellet making machine, biomass pellet making machine, paper pellet making machine, plastic pellet making machine, iron ore pellet making machine, etc. For wood pellet making machines, there are also flat die pellet making machine, and ring die pellet making machine. Moreover, ring die pellet making machine can also be divided into horizontal pellet making machines and vertical pellet making machines. And flat die pellet making machine can be divided as rotary die type pellet making machines(D-type pellet mill) and rotary roller type pellet making machines(R-type pellet mill).

Flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine
Flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine

Some people may feel a little bit confused about wood pellet making machines. There are too many wood pellet making machine types, if I want to make some wood pellet for my own house or start a wood pellet plant, which type of wood pellet making machine should I choose? In fact, there are distinguishing differences between different types of pellet making machines. For example, flat die pellet mill also known as small pellet making machine, as it is mainly used for small scale wood pellet production. For the farmers who wish to make their own animal feed, or wood pellet fuel for their own home heating system, small pellet making machine will definitely help. On the contrary, ring die pellet mill is known as large pellet making machine with a capacity over 1ton per hour. So it is mostly used in medium and large scale wood pellet production, such as school heating systems, central heating systems, wood pellet plants, etc.

Vertical ring die and horizontal ring die pellet machine
Vertical ring die and horizontal ring die pellet machine


In industries, the procedure of biomass wood pellets production mainly departs in the following steps: wood material crushing, water moisture control, biomass pelletizing, biomass wood pellets cooling, biomass wood pellets weighing and packing. In a wood pellet line, the pelletizing process is the most important. Equaling to the pelletizing part, the die and the roller is the most important part in a pellet machine.

wood material crushing:As a general rule, the size of raw material should always smaller than the pellets size. For wood logs or round wood, crushing process by a wood crusher is needed. Then the smaller wood blocks will be fed into the wood chipper to chip the wood into chips for further use. If you want to make pellets with a size of 6mm, or smaller, you will need a wood hammer mill to make the wood chips into wood sawdust with a size not bigger than 6mm.

water moisture control:To make premium biomass wood pellets, the water moisture of the raw material should be about 12%. So it is necessary to remove excess water from the raw material. In industrial pellets production, a wood pellet cooler is usually adopted. For small-scale, You choose to dry the material in the sun or other methods.

biomass pelletizing: Wood material through a feeder come into the pelletizing room, where the die and the rollers are motioning relatively at a high speed. With the extrusion force and the high temperature forming in the relative motion, the intermolecular forces in wood material molecule have changed. Thus the plasticity of the wood materials has increased. Then the materials are shaped into pellets by the hole on the die and pushed out.

biomass wood pellets cooling:The pellets come out of the pellet machine is hot and wet. A pellet cooler is used to bring the temperature down and reduce the water content. After cooling, they are harder and easier to store or transport.

biomass wood pellets weighing and packing:A wood pellet packing machine can pack the pellets in plastic bags with the same weight for transport or for sale. For a large quantity of biomass wood pellets, bulk trucks are need. Bulk pellets are loaded from the pellet mill directly into trucks for delivery to bulk storage containers. The bulk trucks are more expensive than regular flatbed trucks, but a much more efficient system of processing.

Description for Wood Pellet Produce Procedure


The proper maintenance of a pellet making machine will definitely enhance its serve life. Both the pellet machine die and rollers are wear parts, if there is no proper maintenance or use wrong maintenance procedures, the wear parts can be quickly wore, and only the spare parts fee can cost you a fortune. In the following parts, we will talk about some standard pellet machine maintenance procedures.

Despite of the above maintenance method, there are more complicated maintenance methods for large pellet making machines. For wood pellet plants, the maintenance of pellet machine is more complicate, as the productivity are different and pellet plant has more complex pellet equipment combinations. In that way, find a professional pellet plant supplier is very important. They will help you set your complete plant layout, pellet equipment purchase, complete pellet line construction, etc.


Fuel Price per unit Appliance Efficiency Cost per million BTU
Hardwood (air dried) $200 per tonne 63% $15.87
Wood pellets $245 per cord 78% $19.15
Natural gas $1.23 per tderm 78% $15.38
Fuel oil #2 $4.6 per gallon 78% $37.72
LP Gas / Propane $2.48 per gallon 78% $34.81
Electricity 12 cents per kWh 100% $35.17
Coal $250 per ton 75% $10.89

The data is updated on February 2017

From the above comparison, we can come see that coal is the cheapest fuel, but it harm the environment; natural gas costs cheaper that wood pellets, but it is non-renewable resource and some places do not have natural gas; hardwood is also cheaper, but is burning efficiency is low and it does take much room to store because of its low density. So biomass wood pellets are the most cost-effective fuel source.


Richi machinery
Richi machinery

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Although, the pellet production technology are similar, the detail pellet making machine specifications are different based on the various raw material hardness. Just tell your pellet making machine manufacturer the raw material you plan to use and the pellet quantity you plan to make, the professional pellet making machine manufacturers will recommend the suitable pellet making machine for you.

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