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Malaysia 4000 Tons/year Empty Fruit Brunches(EFB) Are Made Into Fuel Pellets

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Empty fruit brunches(EFB) is the main by-product of Malaysia and Indonesia. The annual output of these raw materials is very huge. Palm oil production is mainly produced by Indonesia and Malaysia, accounting for 85-90% of world palm oil production. Empty fruit bunches are wastes generated during the production of CPO and are still not widely used. As the demand for biomass pellet fuel continues to increase, it is necessary to expand the use of other biomass raw materials.

empty fruit brunches(EFB)
empty fruit brunches(EFB)

Dear, We hope to convert empty fruit brunches, a by-product of our factory in Malaysia, into pellets. You will find attached the analysis results and a picture of the by-product. The volume production is about 4,000 ton/year. The density is about 300 kg/m3. Can you please provide a quotation and related technical specifications including?

inlet product quality limits (mositure, pollutants...)

outlet product moisture

outlet product density

The above is a consultation for Malaysian customers who want to use empty fruit brunches for granulation. In fact, Malaysia has a large number of users consulting EFB granulation, after all, Malaysia's EFB resources are there. What you don’t know is,large quantities of EFB generated during the extraction of palm oil tends to be discarded and unused, resulting in soil contamination and methane gas release due to the high content of moisture, ash and salt making EFB vulnerable to rot.Large quantities of EFB generated during the extraction of palm oil tends to be discarded and unused, resulting in soil contamination and methane gas release due to the high content of moisture, ash and salt making EFB vulnerable to rot. If we can use these EFBs, it is also good for the environment!

How to Make EFB Pellets?

First of all, with the EFB shredder, crush the EFB fiber into short length Second, dry these EFB fiber with short enough length to make sure that they have suitable moisture content, usually from 8% to 12%.

Here, I’d like to point out that calorific value is the main concern for biomass substance. Most customers are willing to pay higher for low moisture substance as compare to higher moisture substance. The EFB pellet’s moisture is the important parameter affecting its calorific value. Based on difference biomass material, it may contain different moisture level which eventually affect the net calorific value. For instance shredded EFB fiber always consists moisture around 60%, and esocarp fiber is lower in moisture level. However, an EFB pellet which process from grinded EFB fiber only consist of 10% moisture level, which is 4 times lower than it originate source.

EFB pelet machine
EFB pelet machine

Third, grind the short EFB fiber into powders that are small enough for later pelletizing

Fourth, feed the well-prepared EFB fiber powders into the large pellet mill that can make pellets from EFB fibers

Fifth, cool the EFB pellets’ temperature down with pellet cooler

Last, pack the cooled EFB pellets into bags for transportation or storage. In this process, a pellet packing machine is essential.

EFB Pellet’s Advantages

EFB pellet has low moisture in nature. The moisture of EFB pellets is about 8-12%, while the EFB fiber’s moisture always hit between 50-60%. Thanks to the low moisture content, the transport cost of EFB pellets saves substantially as a large portion of moisture is eliminated.

EFB pellet has high heating energy and efficiency. EFB fiber is compressed into EFB pellets in EFB pellet mill, thus EFB pellets have high density. Besides, dry EFB pellet also means the burning condition is more effective and user is able to retrieve better efficiency and predictable result. EFB pellet is able to burn thoroughly in the boiler chamber and only 5% substance left over as ash content.

EFB pellet is easy to transport, handle and store. EFB fiber always comes in bulk, but EFB pellets can have uniform shape and be packed in bags, which makes EFB pellet easy to transport and handle. Moreover, due to EFB pellets’ high density and low moisture content, EFB pellets can be stored for a long time without decreasing its combustion value or burning efficiency.

EFB pellet enjoys easy control and broad application. EFB pellet size is small in dimension and easy for repack if house-hold application is needed. Some of EFB pellets can be repacked into convenient bag size in order selling to end user for BBQ burning substance. EFB pellet usually comes in 8mm diameter and length about 20-30mm, and this is a suitable dimension for most of the boiler input grate.

EFB pellet generate low to no smoke during the combustion. As we all know, air pollution becomes one of hot topics which people pay a lot attention to. EFB pellet as clean and sustainable energy generates no smoke or fume during its combustion process, consequently EFB pellet has very minimum particulate being discharged into air.

If you are looking for EFB pellet machinery manufacturers, please consult us. Henan Richi Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, committed to the design, production and sales of feed equipment.Products are widely used in food, feed production, animal husbandry, aquaculture, farms and other industries.Our company equipment is also exported to more than 90 countries in the world, including Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Algeria, Indonesia, Canada etc. have completed the construction of multiple sets of feed equipment engineering.

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