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Annual investment project of 24,000 tons of wood pellet production

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Annual investment project of 24,000 tons of wood pellet production
Annual investment project of 24,000 tons of wood pellet production

At present, the global demand for biomass pellet energy is increasing. Biomass pellet fuel has obvious advantages compared with fuels such as natural gas, petroleum, electricity and firewood: sustainability, compactness, convenient storage, environmental protection, low waste, and easy transportation. If you plan to invest in a production investment project of 24,000 tons of wood pellets per year, what are the precautions?

1. Site selection

The production planned is supposed to be located not farther than 50 km from the raw material base. Such distance is economically acceptable if to take transporting costs into consideration. Over 50 % of the territory used will be covered with forests (it’s over 100.000 ha). The main idea of the developed project is to arrange collecting and pelleting forest waste and the waste from sawmills. The ways of feedstock delivery are also thought over and described.

In the section "Wood residues" the technical characteristics of wood and wood waste are given. It’s noted that wood waste may reach 18% of the gross timber volume. Moreover, in forests for every 100 m3 of a forest 15 m3 of brushwood and approximately 25 - 30 m3 of roots remain. It’s a really sufficient volume for organizing and supporting a permanent wood pellet production process.

Sawdust pellet plant site selection
wood pellet plant site selection

2. Investment analysis of pellet plant

The intended production volume is 24 000 tones per year, the maximum capacity – 70%. The required investments are planned to be spent for building works, transformer stations, a wood pellet line, a truck with a crane and trailer, a loader with attachments, a forklift, as well as a permanent working capital and some other production needs.

3. Expected ways of cooperation with potential investors

For example, the distribution of shares of the plant and the distribution of profits are given.

The developed project on producing fuel pellets from wood waste is viable and having good prospects. It would be really valuable for future investors due to its profitability, novelty and a high demand for such kind of production on the world energy markets.

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