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6 Ton/hour Complete Wood Pellet Plant in the UK

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Uk New Biomass Strategy in 2022

The U.K. government announced on Oct. 15 that it intends to publish a new biomass strategy in 2022. The U.K. Renewable Energy Association welcomed the announcement, stressing that bioenergy is essential to the renewables revolution. The CCC said the refreshed strategy should include consideration of the best uses of biomass and waste resources through 2050, including wood in construction and the wider bioeconomy.

In its response, the BEIS said it intends to publish a new biomass strategy in 2022. That refreshed strategy is expected to build on the 2012 U.K. bioenergy strategy and will aim to bring together many departments whose policies for net zero involve the use of sustainable biomass. The BEIS also said it will take into account the CCC’s recommendations as it develops the refreshed strategy and will set out more details in its energy white paper. A progress update is expected to be released next year.

6 ton/hour complete wood pellet plant in the UK
6 ton/hour complete wood pellet plant in the UK

Uk 6 Ton/hour Complete Wood Pellet Plant

This wood pellet plant is located in British, one of the largest wood pellets importer in the world, who is a supplier of biomass boiler equipment and also a provider of heating solution. They sign with their client a contact covering not only the equipments, but also wood pellets fuel used for boilers. By this kind of service, they help their client reduce energy bill significantly. Before that, they bought wood pellets from other pellet factories, but the price was very expensive. Therefore, they decided to build their own pellet factory to produce wood pellets. Fortunately, they are able to get easy access to abundant of wooden material from local timber processing factory and gardening factory as well.

Customers in the United Kingdom built a complete 6-ton wood pellet plant inseparable from the 6-ton/hour wood pellet production line equipment, including wood hammer mill, dryers, wood pellet machines, coolers, screening systems and packaging systems.By building their own wood pellet plant, this company reduce their business cost and further reduce the cost at their clients’ end. Together with the biomass boiler, Mi Generation helps their clients save significant. In most cases, a return on investment of between 30%-70% is seen. Until now, they have successfully provided solutions for hotel, golf club, park, resort and corporate.

Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets

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