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How Does the Wood Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Machine Work?

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Generally, large-scale wood pellet plants have complete wood pellet production line equipment, which are generally equipped with ring die pellet machines, so that no matter how large the output, the ring die wood pellet machine can meet the requirements. For example, the 2-3t/h wood pellet production line we export to Canada is equipped with a ring die pellet machine, and the 10t/h wood pellet production line exported to the United States is also equipped with a ring die pellet machine. Including the 2.5t/h wood pellet production line that will be exported to Germany, it is also a designed ring die pellet machine.

How Does the Wood Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Machine Work
How Does the Wood Pellet Mill Ring Die Pellet Machine Work

What is wood pellet machine

Wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine for processing the raw materials like sawdust, wood, peanut shell, straw, leaves and so on. Nowadays, there are various different types of pellet mill in the market. And the typical two types are flat die pellet mills and ring die pellet mills. The wood pellet mill can process many raw materials whatever the size is big or not, and the pellet size also can be customized by the hammer mill. How does a wood pellet machine work? RICHI will introduce the process of making wood pellets from homemade pellet mill and complete pellet plant.

How does a ring die pellet machine work?

Structure of ring die pellet machine

A ring die pellet machine is composed of a screw feeder, conditioner, roller and ring die, discharge port, electric motor, gearbox, pedestal.

The ring die pellet machine is driven by a direct-connected motor. The motor connect with the gearbox through a shaft coupling. The gearbox bring along the main shaft, and the main shaft bring along the rollers. So the roller began to rotate inside the ring die.

When you feed raw materials into the ring die pellet machine through the hopper, they are transmitted to the conditioner, where the raw materials are mixed with vapor or butter. The conditioning of the raw materials aims to improve the adhesive force and forming rate.

Then, the processed raw materials will be transmitted to the pelletizing cabinet. Under the centrifugal force, they are distributed on the inner side of the ring die. The roller press the raw materials into the holes on the ring die. The high temperature and high pressure cause physical and chemical changes to the raw materials.

When they are squeezed out from the ring die, they become solid cylindrical sticks. The sticks grow longer, until they are cut by the slicer outside the ring die. Then the pellets fall down and come out through the outlet.

Complete Wood Pellet Mill

Build a complete pellet plant is better to manufacture the plenty of wood pellets for sale. The complete production line is a guarantee for the high quality.

How does a complete pellet plant work? we sum a basic steps as follows:

The raw materials will be preprocessed at first. The hammer mill cut the raw materials into smaller pieces with same sizes.

Next, these raw materials convey to the large dryer through the conveying belt.

Thirdly, through the elevator, these raw materials convey to the pellet mills to be ground from the silo.

Finally, these pellets will be cooled and be put into the storage.

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