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Taiwan Wood Pellet Production Line

Date: 05/29/2020 17:09:37 From: Clicks:

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The wood pellet production line has been installed in Taiwan. If you are interested in wood pellet production machinery, or you want to know about us, please contact us. Richi specialize in pelletizing solutions.

Taiwan Wood Pellet Production Line
Taiwan Wood Pellet Production Line

After we purchased the wood pellet production line, we sometimes found that the output of the wood pellet machine was low. So what caused the low output of the wood pellet machine?

First of all, let's talk about the preconditions of wood pellet making: 1. raw materials are powders; 2. grinding coefficient does not exceed 2/3 of the pellet diameter; 3. raw material moisture requirements in 10% - 15%. Only when these three conditions are all met can we produce the perfect wood pellets. And in the production process of wood pellets, there will occur low productivity, which may confuse many customers: I purchased a 2-3 ton/h wood pellet machine for sale, but the actual productivity is 1.5 tons per hour, what is the problem? Many people even complain directly that the equipment is not good, and the reputation of the manufacturer is damaged by some misunderstandings.

To figure out why, first of all, the raw material varied. With the increasing complexity of the biomass energy market, many customers do not comply with manufacturer requirements, resulting in mixed raw materials. The raw material for wood pellet machine is wood or sawdust. But many customers in the purchase of equipment may tell the manufacturer that their raw material is sawdust, but when collecting wood, some other substances are mixed, resulting in mixed materials, this not only causes low productivity, but also damages the mold of the wood pellets machine. If your raw material is a mixture of many materials besides wood, you must tell your pellet machine supplier the truth, so that they can offer you the most suitable pellet machine.

Secondly, the replacement of staff. Pelletization is a very dirty and tiring process, which will lead to frequent changes in workers, coupled with the lack of understanding of equipment, resulting in inefficiency, and reduced productivity.

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