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Press Roller For Pellet Mill Wood Pellet Mill
Press Roller For Pellet Mill

Press Roller For Pellet Mill


Country Of Origin: China Henan

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Wood pellet machine

Product Description

Press roller for pellet mill are available for all kind of brands and types of configurations. A Roller Shell ensures the pressing of raw materials through a die.All press roller are made of high quality and wear-resistant steel. The hardening and tempering process ensure a maximum durability.Richi machinery offers Roller Shells for every particular application. Each configuration has a geometric design to provide maximum production and pressing of raw material through a die.

Press Roller For Pellet Mill drawing

Press Roller For Pellet Mill
A spare part is an item of inventory used to replace failed parts. In order to shorten time during equipment maintenance, spare parts should be purchased and stored in advance. It is the vital material basis for equipment maintenance. Timely supply of spare parts can shorten time for reparation and reduce losses. Spare parts with excellent quality can also guarantee the quality and time for reparation, improve reliability.


1. Cooperate with international renowned enterprises, adopt international advanced technique, excellent quality

2. Using CNC laser cutting, CNC bending presses, CNC flaming cutting machine, CNC shearing machine and CNC machining center to refine products, focus on every detail during manufacturing.

3. Strict quality control system, more reliable.

4. Accept customize, wide applicability.

Press Roller Details
Press Roller Details



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