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Can Sunflower Seed Shell Be Made Into Fuel Pellets

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Throughout South America, in addition to wheat belt and soybean belt, sunflower belt is also one of major crop belts. Although sunflowers are cultivated in many parts of the world, South America has the only sunflower belt. In fact, sunflowers are the third-ranking crop in southern South America up to 12.3% of all the cropland. In Southern Europe, the amount of sunflower crop reaches 5.9% as the fourth crop. In Southern Africa, the proportion of sunflower crop amounts to 6.3% as the third crop. In European Russia, the amount of sunflower crop is 6.0% as the fourth crop. Also, China is the fourth largest sunflower-producing country in the world.

Sunflower Seed Shell
Sunflower Seed Shell

What Individual Machines Take Part In This Whole Process?

1.Sunflower seed Shell crusher: Double-inlet wood crusher and water drop wood hammer mill are typical and most frequently applied types for the grinding process of sunflower seed shells.

2.Sunflower seed Shell dryer: Different capacities adopt different dryers, rotary drum dryer for the larger and airflow type for the smaller.

3.Sunflower seed Shell pellet mill: When comes to the core part of sunflower seed shell pellet plant, both convenient flat die and efficient ring die wood pellet mill are available, diesel or electric engine upon specific requirements.

4.Sunflower seed Shell pellet cooler: Using cooling machine can protect the follow-up devices from the damage of hot sunflower seed Shell pellets.

5.Sunflower seed hull pellet packer: Packer with weighing system is always adopted here. In this way, sunflower seed hull pellets in each bag can reach a uniform level, which saves much trouble for subsequent operation.

What Individual Machines Take Part In This Whole Process
What Individual Machines Take Part In This Whole Process

Advantages of Sunflower Seed Shell Pellet:

High durability: the durability index of sunflower husk pellets is 18, which means they are harder than olive cake. Sunflower husk pellets are manufactured for high uniformity of fuel and better transportability.

High calorific value: calorific value of pellets is 4.3-4.5 kW/kg. This figure is comparable with coal and 1.6 times higher than that of wood. During the combustion of 1000kg of pellets made from the husk, the amount of heat energy released is same as while burning 685 liters of fuel oil/500 liters of diesel fuel/479 m3 of natural gas, or 1,600kg of timber.

Environmentally friendly: the sunflower pellets are environmentally friendly fuel. When it is burnt, the amount of CO2 released is the same as during the natural decomposition of biomass, which is used to produce it. So CO2 emission is zero emission. Unlike traditional energy, carcinogenic or other dangerous substances are released either during storage or during combustion.

Economical: the cost is relatively low, compared to coal, fuel oil, and gas. With relatively low cost, sunflower husk pellets can be effectively used as a solid fuel.

Application Of Sunflower Seed Shell


With a heat value of 19.2 megajoules per kilogram, sunflower seed shells are commonly used as a fuel source. Burn the Shells by themselves or pressed into fuel logs with other wood waste products. Renewable resources, such as sunflower Shells, have less impact on the environment than burning wood logs and are generally more affordable than heating with fossil fuels. For example, Barnesville High School in Minnesota uses sunflower Shells to heat the entire school. At the time of publication, the school uses between 450 and 600 tons of sunflower pellets in a single heating season.

Animal Feed

Sunflower seed shells provide roughage in feed for ruminants, including cattle and sheep. The Shells are comprised of ash, crude protein, lipid material, reducing sugars and carbohydrates. Although low in protein and nutritional value, the high fiber and carbohydrate content of the Shells make them well-suited for animal feed when mixed with ingredients with higher nutritional value. The Shells absorb liquid ingredients in feed and serve as a filler ingredient. Shells must be finely ground in the feed for easier digestion. Grind your own hulls for feed if you have a surplus of sunflower seed shells, or sell them to a local ruminant feed manufacturer.


Sunflower seed shells are allelopathic, which means that they produce a chemical that inhibits the growth of other plants. This property makes sunflower seed shells well-suited for use as mulch in gardens and flower beds because of their ability to suppress weeds. If you have a sunflower seed bird feeder, you no doubt have a stockpile of discarded hulls around the feeder. Add a layer of the seeds around your plants to prevent weed growth, leaving a few inches around plant stalks so the shells don't also inhibit the growth of your flowers. This same property, however, means that sunflower seed shells are not proper candidates for a compost pile. Organic matter in compost piles should break down to support plant growth rather than inhibit growth.


Sunflower seed shells have made their way into the construction trade in the form of Dakota Burl, a natural-fiber wood paneling made from discarded sunflower shells. The wood panels feature a swirled mixture of light and dark colors -- the same colors commonly found in a sunflower shell. The wood presents an environmentally friendly alternative to other wood products because the shells are renewable, recycled waste products instead of wood produced from ancient, harvested trees. The panels, available in 4-by-8-foot sheets that vary in thickness from 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and 1 inch, are intended for both horizontal and vertical use. Workers cut, sand, stain and paint Dakota Burl in the same manner as other wood products. Common applications include wall paneling, cabinetry, furniture and even award plaques.

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