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What Factors Need to Be Considered When Investing in an Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant?

Date: 01/14/2021 09:03:13 From: Clicks:

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Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant
Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant

1. What Factors Should Be Considered When Constructing an Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant?

1) Environmental protection. The construction of organic fertilizer processing plants must comply with the requirements of environmental protection policies, far away from residents' residences, and does not affect the surrounding environmental hygiene. Environmental protection is not only the aspiration of the people, but also the policy needs of the development of agriculture and animal husbandry for environmental protection.

2) The source of raw materials, the radius around the source of raw materials, determine your plant location, site investment, transportation investment, etc.

3) The types of raw materials and types determine the detailed equipment used in each process stage, which affects the equipment investment price.

4) The scale of production, a single organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 3,000 tons to an annual output of 250,000 tons determines the production capacity requirements of the equipment, which affects the price.

5) The recycling of resources mainly relies on the recycling and utilization of various agricultural wastes, such as first making fuel and electric energy raw materials, and using the biogas residue as organic fertilizer raw materials.

6) Fertilizer processing technology, other uses of the process, can be used as feed, etc.

7) Factory site: The size of the production site and the investment of the site should be determined according to the planned production scale.

8) Transportation. The convenience of transportation has a greater impact on sales and transportation. Choose places close to expressways, provincial highways, and national highways.

2. Site Requirements for Organic Fertilizer Processing Plants

Site Requirements for Organic Fertilizer Processing Plants
Site Requirements for Organic Fertilizer Processing Plants

As a standard organic fertilizer processing plant, a large-scale ecological organic fertilizer plant needs to be divided into regions, including the following divisions.

1) Factory gate and side gate

The gate of the factory area is the channel for company business and sales of finished products. The side door is the entry channel for odorous materials such as feces. The side door is generally close to the fermentation workshop and raw material warehouse, in an inconspicuous position in the factory area.

2) Staff living area

A place where employees live, stay, relax and entertain. The staff living area is generally far away from the production area. Vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. can be planted in the living area, which is pleasing to the eye.

3) Equipment storage area

4) Raw material warehouse

5) Fermentation workshop

6) Storage area for semi-finished products

The semi-finished product here refers to the area where the raw materials are temporarily accumulated and stored after the harmless fermentation is completed.

7) Processing workshop

8) Finished product warehouse

What needs to be mentioned is that the raw material warehouse, fermentation workshop, semi-finished product storage area, processing workshop, and finished product warehouse should be closely connected, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

9) Office area

The office area should be set up near the living area to facilitate work and rest.

10) Planting demonstration area

The ecological formula fertilizer produced by the enterprise itself can be tested in its own experimental field to grasp the application effect of the fertilizer in real time.

3. What Equipment Is Needed for the Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The complete set of organic fertilizer equipment has three configurations:

High configuration: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation turner, semi-wet material shredder, horizontal mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

Medium configuration: semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer pellet machine, dryer, cooler, drum screening machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

organic fertilizer pellet machine
organic fertilizer pellet machine

Low configuration: semi-wet material shredder, horizontal mixer, granulator/roller screening machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

4. How to Choose Suitable Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment?

How to choose suitable organic fertilizer production equipment? First of all, determine the purpose of your organic fertilizer production. According to the customer visit information received by our organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturer, it is nothing more than these situations:

1) The feces produced by the farms need to be harmlessly treated to prevent animal feces from polluting the environment and affecting people's health.

2) The government purchases organic fertilizer production equipment. This type of equipment can be divided into two parts. One part subsidizes the non-hazardous manure resource recycling equipment for each scale farm, that is, the related aerobic fermentation equipment, which is made into primary organic fertilizer. Because of the deep processing, it does not meet the national organic fertilizer standard, and can only be used for personal use or sold privately as fermented soil fertilizer. The second part is for the government to organize production. The government purchases a full set of organic fertilizer production equipment to centrally treat farm manure, sewage sludge from urban sewage plants, kitchen waste, food factory waste, and farmland garden organic waste. To protect our environment to the limit, it can also improve the utilization rate of equipment, plant utilization rate, and control the quality of organic fertilizer production.

3) The fertilizer plant sees the strong market demand for organic fertilizer, so it must use the organic fertilizer production line to produce organic fertilizer and purchase organic fertilizer production equipment.

4) Some individuals who have been in contact with farms, mushroom factories, sewage treatment plants, etc., some customers see the farm manure free of charge or even pay for the freight to be taken away by others for disposal, some customers see that the waste fungus residue cannot be processed, some customers see When the sludge of the sewage treatment plant has nutrient treatment, there are subsidies, etc., and I want to understand and purchase organic fertilizer processing equipment.

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