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Application Of Wood Shavings

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Wood shavings are a type of wood particles. Wood shavings and sawdust, wood chips, etc. are all by-products of sawmills and furniture factories. They can be made into pellets by wood pellet machine. It is mainly used for power generation in thermal power plants, domestic heating, and as animal bedding. With the popularity and rapid development of biomass pellets, more and more sawdust pellet factories have been established.Emerging bioenergy markets provide opportunity for the use of sawmill wood residues and by-products as feedstock into wood-tobioenergy facilities.

Wood Shavings
Wood Shavings

Sawdust, wood shavings and chip fines have generally a desirable calorific value, dimension and moisture content for immediate use as feedstock for bioenergy generation.Fine particle size wood by-products are ready for use as feedstock into a wood-to-bioenergy facility. They tend to fall into three broad


Sawdust wood by-product can be generated in large quantities through the log sawmilling process.

Chip fines are created in sawmills where off-cuts and the round sides of logs are diverted to a chipper. Wood by-products from this process includes chip fines that are too small to be sold as wood chip for paper production.

Shavings are created when sawn timber is moulded to specific section size. Shavings tend to be quite dry as timber is often seasoned before moulding.

Compare With Other Wood By-products

Saw mill is a factory where can cut the logs into lumber (or timber). There are three kinds of fine particle size wood by-products that are produced in the saw mill, sawdust, wood chips and wood shaving. They are all good feedstock to make wood pellet. But what makes wood shavings stand out? Let’s compare the production of these three raw materials and try to find the reason.

Sawdust, wood chips and wood shavings comparison
Sawdust, wood chips and wood shavings comparison


When the raw wood has been shipped into the saw mill, the workers need to do some initial sawing work, which created the sawdust.

Wood Chips

After the initial sawing process, there are three types of wood products, the sawn timber, the sawdust, and the offcuts. Wood chips is created when the offcuts of no commercial value for saw mills put into a wood chipper.

Wood Shavings

It is a kind of wood by-product that is created by the saw mills. After the initial sawing process in the saw mill, the logs are resized into sawn timber, but to be a commercial commodity, the sawn timber need to be drying and molding to maintain a specific size and smoother surface, which will create a large amount of wood shaving during the process.

Uses for Wood Shavings

Every woodworker who does any amount of work is eventually confronted with the problem of what to do with all those piles of sawdust and shavings. Rather than sending them to the landfill, where they will do nothing but add to a bloated waste stream, you can reuse them in a number of different ways, or give them to someone who will.


Sawdust and shavings are ideal for mulching around the base of trees, in gardens and on lawns where you are trying to choke out unwanted growth. Different types of woodworking create different types of waste, ranging from the dense sawdust that comes from a table saw to the light and fluffy shavings from a hand plane.

Animal Bedding

Wood waste is ideal for animal bedding. Spread on the floor of the barn. It absorbs urine, softens the floor for the animals' hooves and gives them something comfortable to rest on. When the bedding becomes dirty, it can be dumped in a back area and will simply compost into the soil.

Ice Melter

Shavings don't do so well in this application, but sawdust does. Sprinkling sawdust on icy parts of the ground, particularly on a sunny day, causes the ice to melt because the bits of dust absorb the heat from the sun and work their way into the ice. The only problem with this use of sawdust is that it can be quite messy in the springtime when everything melts, leaving a sodden pile of sawdust in your yard.

Cheap Mattress

Although this usage has fallen by the wayside due to the mass production of commercial mattresses, it used to be quite common. The shavings that are produced by hand planes are very thin and take up a lot of space, with a lot of air between them. Stuffed into an oblong cloth bag, they make a passable mattress.

Advantages Of Wood Shavings

Advantages of wood shavings are that they are easy to muck out, easily stored and easily disposed of either by burning them or contacting your local farmer to decompose them over time for fertiliser. Wood shavings are absorbent and are available in a dust extracted option for horses who have respiratory problems.Disadvantages of wood shavings is that not all farmers will remove them for decomposition as they do take some time to decompose.

Application Of Wood Shavings
Application Of Wood Shavings

Low Moisture Content

Sawdust and wood chips are made by the initial sawing process, which makes their moisture content the same as the original logs. However, the wood shavings is created after the drying and moulding process, so the moisture content of the wood shavings is much more lower than the original logs. In this case, it is a perfect feedstock for the wood pellet manufacturers to reduce the capital input by cutting the initial drying system of their pellet plants.

Easy Transportation

Compare to sawdust and wood chips, wood shavings is a material with a bigger and uniformed size. But the bulk density of wood shavings is similar to wood chips and sawdust.

Competitive Price

As its position in the saw mill, the price of the by-products is extremely lower than other wooden feedstock. If you use logs and branches as a feedstock for wood pellet plant, your pellet plant must consist of drying system and wood chippers to reduce both the moisture and the size of the feedstock, which will definitely increase your capital input. It is a simply question, do you want to use your money to do the drying and cutting processes, or let the saw mill do it for you?

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