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1.5t/h Wood Pellet Line Price And Cases

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I concerning the 1.5t/h wood pellet line price? space needed? Of course, i hope to have an excellent wood crusher that can produce fine sawdust because this will help promote the product.This is an inquiry from an Egyptian customer. We have many cases of wood pellet production line. The quotation of the production line is generally based on the output and configuration. The larger the output, the higher the price, and vice versa. The better the configuration, the higher the price, and the lower the price of low configuration. So if you are interested in wood pellet production line equipment, please tell us your output and budget in advance. We will determine configuration whether it is standard, low or high according to the budget.

1.5t/h Wood Pellet Line Price And Cases
1.5t/h Wood Pellet Line Price And Cases

Related Equipments

Chipping Process —— Drum wood chipper JLBX-215

Crushing Process —— Wood crusher SFSP 66*60

Drying Process —— Drum dryer ф1200*120000

Pelletizing Process —— Wood pellet machine SZLH-M420

Cooling Process —— Cooling machine SKLN11*11

Packing Process —— Packing machine DCS-A25-3

These sections can be deleted according to their own needs. For example, if your raw material is sawdust, the chipping process can be omitted. If the pellets produced do not want to use a cooler and want to save costs, several fans can be used instead. We will tailor a suitable solution for you according to your needs and budget.

Indonesia 1-1.5 t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

Name: Wood Pellet Production Line

Country: Indonesia

Capacity: Wood Pellet Production Line

Date: June 15th,2018

Installation cycle: 30 Days

Pellet Size: 8mm Wood Pellet

The Indonesia customer's main raw material is wood sawdust, and he wants to make 8 mm wood pellets. According to the customer's raw materials and output requirements, we customized a small-capacity wood chip production line for him, and the installation process was relatively smooth. RICHI Machinery provides detailed engineering flowcharts, installation drawings, foundation pit drawings and instructions.

Main Machines in this complete line

1. Wood Crusher*55kw;

2. Dryer*1.5*12M ;

3.Wood Pellet Machine*132KW;

4.Cooling Machine*2.2KW ;

5.Vibrating Screen and Other Auxiliary Equipment ;6.Automatic Packing System

Taiwan 1-2 t/h Wood Biomass Pellet Production Line

Taiwan 1-2 t/h Wood Biomass Pellet Production Line

The wood pellet production plant projects RICHI have set up are all over the world:

Indonesia 1-1.5 t/h Wood Pellet Production Line

Congo 1-2 t/h wood pellet plant Production Line

Taiwan 1-2 t/h Wood Biomass Pellet Production Line

Austria 5Ton/Hour Wood pellet Production Line

South Africa 10 t/h Forage Grass Pellet Production Line

Saudi Arabia 5-6T/H & 10T/H Grass Alfalfa Pellet Production Line

USA 10-12T/H Forage Grass Pellet Production Line


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