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Germany 2-2.5 Tons/hour CE ISO Approved Good Quality Wood Sawdust Pellet Processing Line Wood Pellet Mill

Germany 2-2.5 Tons/hour CE ISO Approved Good Quality Wood Sawdust Pellet Processing Line

Germany 2-2.5 Tons/hour CE ISO Approved Good Quality Wood Sawdust Pellet Processing Line

Name: Wood Sawdust Pellet Processing Line

Country: Germany

Capacity: 2-2.5 Tons/hour

Date: September 2020

Installation cycle: 60 Days

Pellet Size: 6-8 mm

Case introduction

With the rapid growth in demand for biomass pellet fuel, as one of the countries with the largest export volume of biomass wood pellets, Germany's biomass pellets are not only sold to other countries, but also mainly used in the domestic heating and power generation fields. The biomass in Germany mainly comes from forestry and agriculture, as well as garbage. The main purpose is heating, and heating is provided by solid biomass, that is, heating with biomass pellets. Wood has a very large share in the German heating system. They are not simply thrown directly into the stove, but processed into pellet fuel that can be fully burned.

Germany is the birthplace of biomass pellet machines, and it is also the place where the most advanced biomass pellet machines are produced. However, on the basis of the same technology and quality, price and service have become the reason why German customers choose Richi Machinery for this wood pellet production line project.

  • Raw materials: softwood (90%) and hardwood (10%)
  • Final products: Wood pellets
  • Total power:426.18 KW
  • Wood pellet plant cost:around 250,000USD
  • Wood pellet Production process: Crushing → Mixing → Pelletizing → Cooling → Elevating → Packing

The remarkable feature of this latest technology high quality wood pellet plant 2-2.5 Tons/hour capacity is that it adopts material mixing process, which realizes the stability of raw material entering pelletizing chamber and guarantees the continuous and stable running of equipments. Compared to those pelletzing equipments made in USA or Germany, our wood pelletizing machines can endure a high material moisture content of 13-15%, so that customer can greatly lower the energy input in drying process, thus decreasing production cost.

Besides, the electric circuit of this wood pellet plant strictly obeyed Germany electric standard. The 2-2.5 t/h CE ISO approved good quality wood sawdust pellet processing line was also equipped with emergency stop system and independent power switch for every single piece of equipment to assure operating safety.

Main Equipments in the 2-2.5 T/H CE ISO Approved Good Quality Wood Sawdust Pellet Processing Line Project:

Name Model QTY POWER(KW)
Wood peeling machine MCQP-600*2 1 15
Wood spliter PMJ-2000 1 45
CE good quality wood shredder chipper JLBX-216 1 55
Wood hammer mill machine for making sawdust SFSP 66*80 1 75
Cyclone ф1000 1 /
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b 1 /
U-Screw conveyor TLSSU30 4 12
CE industrial rotary drum sawdust dryer ф1500*150000 1 15
Bucket elevator TDTG40/23 3 9
CE certificate wood pellet mill equipment MZLH520 1 132
Cooling machine SKLN14*14 1 1.5
Vibrating screener TDZS63 1 0.18

Packing machine

Belt and sewing machine

DCS-50 1



MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel  / 1 /
Germany Germany Germany Germany

Our Service After-Sale

1. We send two technical and installation engineers to guide the installation.

2. After install and adjust, we have trained our customer's worker how to operate;

3. Training worker how to maintain and protect ;

4. According features, we will make a complete maintain rules for you, contains how to maintain, when to maintain, who maintain.

5. Our company after-sale department will call Germany's customer at regular intervals, ask if maintain and give advice.

6. Except for the wearing parts, our company offers 1 year free warranty and permanent free technical support.


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