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SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Wood Pellet Mill
SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Model: SLHY Series

Mixed Weight: 250-2000kg/bat

Certification: CE & SGS & ISO

Application: Used in small and medium-sized pellet plants

Product Description

SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer is widely used in the mixing of powdery, granular, and sheet-like miscellaneous materials in feed, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other industries.

SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer drawing

SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Working principle:

The materials are fully mixed according to the counter-current principle under the impetus of the spiral blades. The outer ring spiral blades make the material flow in one direction of the spiral axis, and the inner ring spiral blades make the materials flow in the opposite direction, so that the materials are constantly Tumble and convection, so that uniform mixing can be achieved quickly, and the composition of the composition, moisture and fat have little effect on the quality of the mixture (fat ratio ≤ 6%)


1.Cross section of cylinder round, mixing without dead corner,mixing time: 2-4 minutes,barrel wall plot-free;

2.Enlargement in length opened discharge door at the bottom to reduce residues;

3.Mixing homogeneity: CV≤7%, mixing period:3~6 min.

4.Opening angle greater than 90 degrees, the door self-locking, discharge door does not open at cylinder pressure loss;

5.Optimal rotor structure, even fill of the mixer and no death corner.

6.Return air chute furnished for internal and external pressure balancing.

7.Single shaft screw belt.High evenness.

8.Wide open discharge door.High-efficiency energy-saving.

SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Details
SLHY Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Details


Power 4kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 15kw 30kw
Mixed weight 250kg/P 500kg/P 500kg/P 1000kg/P 2000kg/P
Volume 0.5m³ 1m³ 1m³ 2.5m³ 5m³

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