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The Pelletizing Process of Bagasse Pellet Fuel

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Biomass pellet fuel, also called biomass pellets, refers to the use of wood chips, bagasse, sorghum straw, bagasse, rice husk, peanut hulls, rape and other agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials, which are crushed, dried, mixed with additives, and extruded And other processes, made into a new type of clean fuel that can be directly burned in granular form. Its products can be used as the best substitutes for traditional energy sources such as coal, diesel, and natural gas. Compared with petroleum products, biomass pellet fuel has a price advantage. The development of large-scale production of biomass pellet fuel is in line with my country's energy-related policy requirements.

sugarcane bagasse
sugarcane bagasse

Why Do Bagasse Drying

The humidity of fresh bagasse after sugar rolling in sugar mills is generally around 50%. Obviously, such a high humidity cannot directly enter the bagasse pellet machine for molding. Otherwise, on the one hand, such high moisture will heat up and vaporize during the extrusion process. Evaporation, because the water vapor cannot be discharged in time in the bagasse biofuel pellet machine, it is very easy to cause the biomass molding block to be cracked, and the surface is rough to solidify and the molding fails. On the other hand, excessive humidity will also cause unnecessary energy consumption, which makes the biomass pellet machine high energy consumption during the warm-up phase. Therefore, the bagasse must first be dried and the humidity controlled at about 12%, so that the bagasse can be solidified and formed. 

Bagasse Drying Process

Bagasse can be dried using a dryer using flue gas drying and high-temperature flue gas secondary drying. The flue gas can be used from the flue gas of the sugar factory boiler, because the temperature is 160-180°C, it still has great utility value: the flue gas is extracted from the flue of the boiler tail and sent to the dryer with an induced draft fan. The bagasse inside the dryer forms a suspended material curtain under the rotation drive and the impact of the airflow, which fully exchanges heat with the flue gas, the water evaporates and vaporizes, and the bagasse loses a lot of water to be dried, and then is separated and recovered by a cyclone separator.

Bagasse Drying Machine
Bagasse Drying Machine

Bagasse Granulation Process

The bagasse granulation process includes the following steps, characterized in that the sugarcane is crushed and pulverized, and the sugarcane material is chopped into filaments and flakes and placed in a press to make bagasse;

Dry, put it in a rotary sieve before drying to remove impurities, and put a small portion of the damp bagasse into the drying equipment using electric vibration frequency heating technology to remove the bagasse moisture;

Stir, the dried bagasse enters the agitator system through the screw conveyor and mixes evenly, and then is sent to the granulating machine through the conveyor hinge;

Forming, the bagasse is compressed into high-temperature biomass pellet fuel in the sugarcane bagasse pellet mill;

pelletizing machine
pelletizing machine

Cooling, the high temperature biomass pellet fuel is cooled down;

Detect and inspect the quality of biomass pellet fuel, and package the finished product into the warehouse. Once qualified, the biomass pellet fuel is put into the warehouse using the packing scale and the pelleting process is completed.

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